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5 S System Best Practices

The 5 S System is an essential Lean efficiency process consisting of 5 steps that are based on the following Japanese terms:

  1. Seiri – Sort
  2. Seiton – Set
  3. Seiso – Shine
  4. Seiketsu – Standardize
  5. Shitsuke – Sustain

The purpose of the process is to ensure the physical space a business occupies remains well-organized, easy to navigate, and conducive to productivity. Each “S” represents a different step towards creating a safe, efficient, and clean work area, which helps increase employee satisfaction and quality and value for customers.

More about 5 S System

Description of 5 S System

A basic overview of each of the 5 steps is provided below:


This step involves going through all of the resources in a work space and clear out the old and unnecessary equipment, materials, etc. to reduce clutter. Individuals who work in the space are the most likely to know what supplies and equipment are necessary or not, and tagging each item based on its frequency of use helps determine what is needed. Items that receive a red tag are deemed unnecessary and are placed aside for removal. Those items whose function isn’t immediately clear can be held for review at a specified time.


Set is the process of determining what the most orderly configuration is for the equipment, supplies and materials that were kept in the workspace. The tasks that are conducted in each space can help clarify what the most ergonomic layout should be. For lean purposes, Set should be used to identify ways in which greater physical organization and consolidation can reduce wait time and travel for customers.


The essence of Shine is to ensure the workspace is clean at all times and that the tools and equipment are properly maintained. Cleaning frequently is necessary to ensure a comfortable and healthy working environment, and by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for doing their part, it becomes a standard practice. Ensuring equipment is always ready to use reduces unanticipated defects interrupting workflow.


Once the first three steps are accomplished, Standardize is the step that formalizes all of the various tasks necessary to keep the workspace organized and clean on a consistent basis. Creating schedules, routines, assignments, instructions, labels, and visual aids to ensure proper storage of supplies creates an accountable system in which employees take ownership over the maintenance of the workspace.


The final step, Sustain, is about ensuring adherence to the 5 S System in the long-term, maintaining and continuously improving upon the processes developed over the course of the 5 steps. Encouraging participation, buy-in, conducting regular audits, and identifying root causes of issues are mechanisms for fostering ongoing commitment to organizational efficiency.

Praxie's Online 5 S System Tools & Templates

Tools used in the 5 S Lean System can include excel spreadsheets, assessments, training videos, protocols, schedules, questionnaires, work logs, and audit results. Get started with our 5 S Lean System template. 

How to use it: 

  1. Review the definitions and standards to be met. 
  2. Insert dates and provide a rate for each standard.  
  3. List the next steps in the process and analyze total scores.  

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