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Blockchain Hurricane

Are you struggling to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency? Do you need a clear explanation for your MBA studies or to make effective decisions in your business? This book unlocks the mysteries of blockchain, giving you:
– A clear non-technical guide to the language of blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers
– An insight into the development of cryptocurrencies, the technology which makes them work, and why this is exciting for enterprise
– Real life examples of blockchain applications in supply chains, insurance, financial services, utilities, large scale capital projects, and government.
– Innovative ideas for economic growth emerging from gaming
– An overview of future opportunities and perceived threats (description from Publisher)

The Blockchain Hurricane Interactive Book App

The Blockchain Hurricane interactive book app, built specifically by the author(s), gives you the full experience by turning the book into real, practical actions. The app gives you focused assessments and tools for educating, learning, and implementing positive change for you, your employees, your students, and coworkers.

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