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Soren Kaplan

Soren Kaplan
Affiliate, USC Center for Effective Organizations
Co-Founder, upBOARD

Create a Culture of Innovation with The Invisible Advantage

The Invisible Advantage details how any organization can create a culture of innovation – an environment that promotes free thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. This book isn’t just about the importance of an innovation culture, nor how to emulate the “innovation untouchables” like Google and Apple. It’s a complete tool kit that anyone can use to uncover the unique, hidden drivers of innovation and then introduce fresh, intuitive approaches tailored to their organization’s specific environment.

Anthony Coundouris Run Frictionless

Anthony Coundouris
Author, run_frictionless

run_frictionless: How to free a founder from a sales role

Friction is not a sales problem, or a customer service problem. It is an organizational problem. No matter how talented people who work in the organization, the greater the friction, the more difficult it is for your people to create and serve a customer. run_frictionless help founders and sales teams overcome friction and reach predictable sales, using a decision-making framework called the 4Qs. 

Allan Dib
Founder, successwise
Author, The One-Page Marketing Plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd

To build a successful business, you need to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth. Traditionally, creating a marketing plan has been a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why it often doesn’t get done.

David Burkus

David Burkus
Author, Under New Management
Thinkers50 Ranked Expert

David Burkus - Pick a Fight Book

Pick a Fight: How Great Teams Find a Purpose Worth Rallying Around

Why are some people and teams more motivated, more innovative, and more successful than others? Why do some teams of talented and seemingly compatible people fall short against lesser teams with less suitable members? Why do some leaders cast bold inspiring visions that fail to materialize, while other, seemingly inconsequential leaders rally their teams to victory? More often than not, it’s actually quite simple:  They picked a fight.