upBOARD’s Software App for Change Management

Change Management Process

Use the Change Management Process App to successfully implement any change management strategy. The app includes templates and instructions for sequential steps related to the key phases of change: Design, Align, Engage, Implement and Support. The process begins with developing a “Change Charter” document with each phase containing supporting tools and dashboards to support the process and track progress.

App Features

Define Your Change

Defining your charter for change and creating your plan is the first step in the change process. Complete the Change Charter, Impact Analysis and From-To Gap Analysis to determine the rationale, impact and desired end-state of your change initiative.

Create Alignment Among Stakeholders

Creating alignment at the beginning of a change initiative is essential for ensuring support for and engagement in the change. Use the app to get critical information from stakeholders by using the Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews and Change Readiness Assessment tools included in the app. These tools help identify the key barriers and enablers of the change in order to create a plan that leverages strengths and addresses gaps.

Strengthen Engagement

Engagement in the change process marks the beginning of creating broad awareness of the change, determining the organization’s readiness for change, and building plans to implement the change. Use the tools in this section of the app to help reduce resistance and create support for your change initiative.

Ensure Successful Implementation

Use the tools within the app, such as Risk Management Plan, RACI Charts, and Resistance Management Plan to help successfully implement the change. Every change is different but successful implementation relies on clear role definition, managing resistance, and applying lessons learned to the iterative process of transformation.

Support and Measure Your Results

Supporting the change initiative involves tracking progress using clearly defined measures of success. Use the app to successfully reinforce the transformation through sharing success stories, continuing communication of milestones and progress, and addressing any remaining gaps as they arise.

Get Expert Advice and Help

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