Get an entire end-to-end process with proven tools, templates, and metrics dashboards for organizational change management, instantly and designed by the experts.

In today’s world, every team, department and organization must embrace change. But leading change management initiatives and projects is challenging since it involves aligning multiple stakeholders, navigating competing agendas, and working with teams that have competing metrics. That’s why 70% of all change efforts fail.

Success is all about solid execution – and that’s where most companies fall short. So how do you build accountability and follow-through into your change effort?

upBOARD gives you the best of the best change management best practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles, tools, and templates from proven approaches to organizational change and transformation, from defining your vision and burning platform, to analyzing key stakeholders, to engaging the organization in real action planning and change.

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Engage your team in collaborative change management processes and dashboards that clarify strategies, track actions, report real-time metrics, and accelerate results.

Even organizations that have a Project Management Office (PMO) often cobble together models, tools, and templates from a range of sources. Change management facilitators read books, create PowerPoint slides, and then piecemeal together a change process. It’s haphazard at best, and often leaves the broader organization struggling for clarity and focus over time.

upBOARD creates a simple process flow that provides an intuitive structure that guides your organization through the change process, helping everyone move through the change adoption cycle: awareness, understanding, acceptance, adoption, execution, and institutionalization. Using upBOARD, you save time while accelerating results.

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