upBOARD’s Online Change Management Templates

All the most fundamental change management tools and templates in one place to manage your change team action plans.

Includes the following templates:

  • People Centered Implementation
  • Kubler Ross Change Curve
  • Boston Consulting Group Change Delta
  • Change Fatigue Template
  • AIM Accelerated Implementation
  • ADKAR Change Management Model
  • Change Process
  • Lewin’s Change Management Model
  • Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
  • Bridges Leading Transition
  • Nudge Change Model
  • Change Management Levers
  • Change Maturity Model
  • Switch Change Framework
  • Deming Change Cycle
  • Change Project Charter
  • Communication Plan
  • Communication Worksheet
  • Training Plan
  • Change Plan
  • Go-Live Plan
  • Change Management Roadmap
  • Impact Analysis
  • Success Factors
  • From-To Gap Analysis
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Change Risk Assessment
  • Stakeholder Analysis Map
  • Stakeholder Readiness
  • Stakeholder Matrix
  • Sponsor Engagement Strategy
  • Resistance Assessment
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Burning Platform
  • WiifMs (What’s in it for me)
  • Head Heart Hands
  • Action Items
  • Issue Tracker
  • Projects Tracking
  • Change Metrics
  • Interview Management
  • Focus Groups

Create Your Own Change Management Canvas

Use or customize dozens of pre-designed change management tools and templates to design your own unique “Change Management Canvas.” Once you’ve designed your canvas, copy it as a template so you can use it over and over again as your own best practice process. Our templates are the building blocks for configuring your canvas in a flexible way that works just for you and your team.

Use and Customize Best Practice Change Management Templates

The power of best practice tools, templates and processes lies in organizing them in a way that works – specifically for your team or organization. Use our best practices, customize them, or build your own using our simple and intuitive no-code app builder.  Jump start your change management process and ensure success by creating your own Change Management Digital Canvas.