COST - Cost Optimization System and Technique Interactive Book App

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COST – Cost Optimization System & Technique

Why do companies exert high effort to reduce the costs of products that are production? Because they can! Because unnecessary product costs were not removed during product development.

C-O-S-T, short for Cost Optimization System and Technique, details how a company’s product development teams, their supporting functions, and company leaders can optimize product costs before production starts and thereby maximize lifecycle profits.

Since product development teams determine product costs imparted to new products, much of the book details how these teams optimize product costs. The book also includes ways company leaders can create and sustain company-wide engagement in optimizing product costs and keeping the resulting increased profit margins. (description from Publisher)

The COST – Cost Optimization System & Technique Interactive Book App

The COST – Cost Optimization System & Technique interactive book app, built specifically by the author(s), gives you the full experience by turning the book into real, practical actions. The app gives you focused assessments and tools for educating, learning, and implementing positive change for you, your employees, your students, and coworkers.

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