Diversity Equity Inclusion Software Online App

upBOARD’s Software App for Online DE&I Business Processes & Projects

Diversity Equity Inclusion DE&I App

The diversity, equity, and inclusion app is based on the best practice model provided by the World Economic Forum. Use the app to:

  1. Gain context on definitions, business case and policy statements
  2. Assess current state
  3. Identify and prioritize top opportunities
  4. Create and track diversity, equity and inclusion projects
  5. Track progress with projects and employee data

The app outlines three essential focus areas that make the biggest difference for DE&I: Talent, Organization and Employee Experience.

  1. Talent involves assessing job descriptions, people and recruiting strategies, and how employers identify, interview and hire employees.
  2. Organization involves using benchmark best practices like goal setting and anonymous feedback, participating in internal and external events and sponsorships, and focusing on employee engagement goals and measures.
  3. Employee Experience focuses on the onboarding process, talent management, training and development.

The app includes a step by step approach and complete dashboard for visualizing data and progress with your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

App Features

Get definitions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Get definitions for diversity, equity and inclusion that you can use to align and communicate the importance of DE&I.

DE&I Diversity Equity Inclusion Definitions
Diversity DE&I Business Case

Learn the Business Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs

Learn the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion including how DE&I contributes to innovation, competitive advantage, team collaboration and greater efficiency.

Assess Your Current DE&I Competencies

Assess your current DE&I capabilities related to talent, organization, and employee experience.

Diversity Gaps and Opportunityes

Identify Gaps and Opportunities for Advancing DE&I

Using your assessment data, identify your top priorities for DE&I projects that will make the biggest difference for your organization.

Prioritize DE&I Projects

Score and rank your DE&I opportunities to identify your top projects.

Diversity Inclusion Opportunity Map
Diversity Equity Inclusion Project Template

Define and Scope Projects for Maximum Impact

For your top priority projects, define and scope the objectives, measurable results, timelines, sponsors and project owners to ensure feasibility and accountability.

Manage Projects to Ensure Successful Implementation

View, track and manage DE&I projects to ensure successful implementation of your top priorities.

DE&I Project Management
Diversity Equity Inclusion DE&I Goals Policies

Create and Communicate Goals & Policies

Define your unique DE&I goals and build policies using customizable templates

Track Data and Trends Over Time in Simple Dashboards

Track racial, gender and other data over time using dashboards that create visibility to trends, gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Race and Gender Diversity Dashboard