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Emotional Connection, The EmC Strategy

We assert that underlying all of our interactions are the emotions we are all operating with, both consciously and unconsciously. Emotions, and not the content, are the most powerful presence in the room during conflicts and stress. But knowing this is not enough. This book lights the way to appreciating the importance of developing the emotional language to describe, acknowledge, and address emotions in the workplace using a proven and systemic approach absent in most other EI strategies. The EmC strategy will enable the leader inside you to connect more effectively, energize a harmonious workplace, and nurture creativity and innovation to achieve unprecedented results. Improve productivity, make better decisions, and get results.Create a cohesive work environment and a thriving culture Increase creativity, innovation, and collaboration Improve trust, confidence, and transparency. Approach work with enthusiasm and full engagement. Have greater motivation, be fearless in taking risks, and explore opportunities Improve your quality of life and have more fun at work. Enduring relationships give us the strength to face volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and adversity. When we are connected, we can thrive, we can achieve unimaginable success. (description from Publisher)

Emotional Connection Interactive Book App

The Emotional Connection interactive book app, built specifically by the author(s), gives you the full experience by turning the book into real, practical actions. The app gives you focused assessments and tools for educating, learning, and implementing positive change for you, your employees, your students, and coworkers.

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