World class business performance results from clear strategy, strategic objectives, qualitative and quantitative data, and organizational alignment.

Keeping up in today’s disruptive world requires much more than presentations, spreadsheets, and meetings. Even teams that use technology to leverage data, communicate and collaborate often struggle to access the right mix of process, insight, strategic thinking, and project management required for optimal agility and speed.

With Praxie, companies can tap into best practice models, frameworks, and tools focused on articulating and cascading business strategy to align business units and teams around exactly what’s needed to succeed – anytime, all the time, and from anywhere.

Praxie’s scalable enterprise collaboration software platform provides organizations with fully customizable solutions that support unique technology, process, and business requirements. With support for API’s that seamlessly integrate enterprise data from a range of sources, Praxie builds bridges across teams, workgroups, business units, and external business partners to keep everyone up to speed and on board.

Business Plans, Work Processes & Metrics Dashboards All in One Place.

Most large enterprises and cross-functional teams cobble together models, tools, and templates from a range of sources. Managers read the latest business books, create PowerPoint slides with the latest business framework, and then piecemeal together a strategy and plan. It’s generally haphazard, takes a lot of time, and typically results in a static document that’s outdated the moment it’s presented.

Praxie guides your enterprise through the specific steps needed to create and execute your strategies and plans. Using Praxie’s Enterprise Collaboration Command Center, your teams gain unlimited real-time access to online business best practice processes that are always on, always current, and always available. And our robust dashboards ensures your team is always in synch on the most important metrics and action plans – including who’s doing what, why, and how. Praxie allows you to keep everyone aligned, hold fewer status meetings, and do more of the things that actually drive results.

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