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An Experiment Canvas is a way to lay out all of the risk factors and key assumptions being made about a potential new product or service being developed. A useful canvas will have space to list the assumption under scrutiny as well as a way to test it and measure the results. An Experiment Canvas will have a section for writing the implications of the results and a plan for what assumptions to test next. This tool is useful for facilitating productive conversations during the innovation process.

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Description of Experiment Canvas

To properly use the Experiment Canvas, five steps should be taken:

Step 1: Determine what the riskiest assumption is that needs to be tested. This is the assumption upon which all others rest. In addition to writing down the assumption, indicate why it is important.

Step 2: Write down the hypothesis that is to be tested and determine what resources are needed to test it. Additionally, determine what kind of data needs to be collected as an appropriate metric to decide if the hypothesis is refuted or supported.

Step 3: Conduct the experiment within the specified time-frame. The experiment is finished when enough data has been collected to draw an appropriate conclusion. Data should be representative of the entire population of employees in the segment(s) of the organization the experiment affects.

Step 4: Using the data, determine if the hypothesis was validated or invalidated. If a conclusion cannot be reached based on the available data, consider if the chosen metric was actually the right information needed to test the assumption. If it still remains the proper measure, more data might be needed.

Step 5: At the conclusion of the experiment, determine if a change in direction is needed regarding the product or service, if the production of the product or service can go on as planned or if the experiment needs to be re-done to reach a firmer conclusion. This process can be repeated if another risky assumption is revealed.

Praxie's Online Experiment Canvas Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional Experiment Canvas processes, Praxie’s online Experiment Canvas tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Get started with our Experiment Canvas template. 

How to use it:

  1. Define the elements of your experiment.  
  2. Conduct your experiment and generate results 
  3. Enter the data and key conclusions so that your canvas includes the key elements of what you tested and the results. 
  4. Define your Experiment Canvas research plan and create actions based on what you learned and how you will use your experiment’s data and insights to support your innovation efforts. 

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