upBOARD’s Software App for Growth Platforms

upBOARD’s Growth Platforms app gives you an easy way to develop, evaluate, and select the platforms that will guide your strategy and innovation efforts. 

Just tap a button to open a new template and create a new platform card. Complete the template by entering the name of the platform at the top, creating a one-sentence headline statement to describe the essence of the platformand entering background context around the trends, needs and market opportunities underlying the platforms. You can also upload an image to bring the platform to life visually. 

Complete the template by adding information about why the platform may be important for your organization, and assess the platform by scoring it using a number of best practice criteria, which is important to do if you’d like to see a portfolio view of all of your platforms

The app also allows you to view all of your platforms as a portfolio to help assess and identify the bigger opportunities, or export your full database of platforms to a spreadsheet file. 


App Features

Use the Growth Platform Template to Define Opportunities

Complete the best practice growth platform template to outline your top market, innovation and business growth opportunities. Score platforms to automatically populate your Growth Platform Portfolio Map. Use the app during team meetings or provide access to individual team members who lead the development of specific growth platforms.

Customize Your Portfolio

Customize the categories used to classify your Growth Platforms within your overall portfolio. Move and organize Growth Platforms into columns to visually organize your platform opportunities.

Review and Prioritize Opportunities in a Portfolio Map

View a Platform Portfolio Map by clicking “Map” on the menu bar. Platforms are automatically plotted into the map using best practice criteria that can be used to create relative scores for each platform.

Review Progress & Status of Your Portfolio Anytime

View a Master List of All Platforms anytime to track and review progress of your highest potential growth opportunities.

Get Expert Advice and Help

View videos narrated by leading experts to learn more about Growth Platform best practices. Get additional consulting and support anytime.