upBOARD’s Software App for the Innovation Phases and Gates Process

The Phases and Gates Innovation Process, sometimes also referred to as the Stages and Gates process, provides a structured approach to innovation management for new products, services, business models or processes. The Phases and Gates process creates a disciplined approach for any innovation initiative by dividing it into specific stages separated by decision points along the way. Each phase in the development process is delineated by “gates” that are used to evaluate an idea based on criteria specifically appropriate for that stage of development. The phases include:

  1. Concept
  2. Validation
  3. Business Model
  4. Business Case
  5. Implementation

Throughout the process, a specific opportunity is classified and tagged with information to help populate a dashboard that summarizes your entire portfolio of across the innovation pipeline. The dashboard contains various reports such as:

  • Pipeline (opportunities by stage of development)
  • Categories (types of ideas and type of revenue or cost savings)
  • Priority (incremental to business critical)
  • Financials (financials by opportunity and for overall portfolio)

A portfolio map displays the entire portfolio on a 2×2 matrix categorized on the axes “Business Impact” and “Ease of Implementation.” Use the map to prioritize and select the top opportunities within your portfolio.

The app allows for basic customization of the process including changing the names of phases, adding phases, removing phases, and more.

Invite your team to the app and assign owners for specific concepts or Gate Reviews. Post comments to collaborate on specific concepts by clicking the callout icon at the bottom right of any concept template. “Follow” concepts and dashboard pages to receive email notifications of any content changes or comments from other team members.

App Features

Get an Expert Overview of the Phases & Gates Process

Learn about best practices for managing and leading the Innovation Phases and Gates process. View our best practice video or access detailed instructions on how to use the app.

Add New Innovation Opportunities using Best Practice Templates

The starting point of the innovation process involves identifying opportunities in the form of new “concepts” that clearly describe a new product, service, process, or business model. Add an unlimited number of concepts to your innovation portfolio using our proven best practice template. Customize the template to your unique specifications or organizational requirements.

Move Opportunities through Clear Phases and Gates

Advance opportunities across your pipeline through completing the different sections of the templates and conducting “Gate Reviews” where executive sponsors or innovation councils review and score concepts. Enter scores for each of the gate criteria, including business impact, ease of implementation, opportunity size and overall rating.

Advance Leading Ideas Using Best Practice Tools or “Park” Them in an Archive

Based on opportunity ratings, ideas can be advanced to the next phase or archived. Each time you move a concept to the next phase, the template expands and additional pages are added at the bottom to reveal the next set of best practice tools and templates to complete as part of the next phase.

View Opportunities by Type, Business Case, and Priority

View real-time summary reports that classify opportunities and your portfolio by Innovation Type (Product, Service, Process and Business Model), Business Case (Revenue, Competitiveness, Brand Building, Cost Savings), and Priority (Business Critical, High, Medium, and Low)

View Financials for Individual Opportunities and the Overall Innovation Portfolio

View real-time summary reports that compare financial projections across opportunities and for your overall portfolio.

View Progress Visually on the Stages & Gates Board

The Stages and Gates “board” contains all of the active concepts that have not been archived. As concepts are reviewed, they advance to the next column. Go to the board anytime to obtain a visual representation of your full portfolio and pipeline. Tap on any concept to open the template and review current status, information about the opportunity, gate review history, all completed best practice templates, and related files.

View, Sort, and Export the Master List of Opportunities

View a real-time Master List of opportunities anytime, including sorting by key data fields and exporting the list to a spreadsheet file.

View Your Pipeline in the Summary Dashboard

Open the Pipeline to view a visual report that summarizes your overall portfolio as an innovation pipeline.

View Your Portfolio Map in the Innovation Dashboard

The Portfolio Map allows you to view all of your active concepts in a single portfolio. The map uses the original scores from the first concept phase to build a 2×2 matrix that provides insight into which opportunities are best to pursue.

Get Expert Advice and Help

View videos narrated by leading experts to learn more about Innovation Phases & Gates best practices. Get additional consulting and support anytime.