upBOARD’s Software App for Online Leadership Coaching

upBOARD’s Leadership Coaching app delivers a simple yet powerful way to manage your client coaching, define and organize coaching objectives and goals for each client, and track overall progress of individual clients and the overall client base. Each client record includes fields such as:

  • Client Name
  • Org / Dept. / Group
  • Title
  • Email
  • Development Goals
  • Status
  • Progress Summary
  • Discussion Date
  • Next Discussion Date
  • Goals for Next Meeting

Each record also contains a file folder that allows for an unlimited number of files to be uploaded and stored for each individual client. Easily track statements of work, non-disclosure agreements, invoices, or anything else that you want associated with an individual client record. View a master list of clients anytime to get a bird-eye view of all client coaching activity. Sort the client list by name, organization, title, status (On Track or At Risk), or next meeting date. View a status dashboard across all clients to identify the percentage of clients At Risk that may need additional attention and support. Archive clients anytime after their coaching process is complete.

App Features

Add a New Record for Each Client

Simply use the Add New Client button to create a new card where you can add details to the template for each client. Even upload a photo to display on the card thumbnail.

Track Discussion Topics and Notes

After you work with a client, use the template to note the next discussion date and the specific goal(s) for the meeting.

Show Your List of Active Clients in One Location

The Active Clients list contains all clients that have not been archived including their name, organization / department / group name, current status, next meeting date, and a link to open the specific client record. To view or edit a client record, simply click on its link.

View Overall Client Status Anytime

View the overall status of all clients anytime by clicking on Status in the menu bar. A total count of all active and archived clients will display, as well as a pie chart that outlines the percentage of clients that are “On track” versus “At risk.”