upBOARD’s Software App for OGSM

OGSM Process

Use the OGSM Framework app by upBOARD to define your strategic business objectives, the goals to support your objectives, the strategies to achieve your goals, and the measures to track success.

App Features

Add a New Card for Each Objective

The OGSM app is based on best practice processes and tools in OGSM: Objectives-Goals-Strategies-Measures and includes all of the steps involved with building a highly detailed OGSM Strategy. To get started, add a new template and fill it in, including objectives, descriptions, goals and measurements.

Manage Your Strategy

After completing the OGSM templates, you can find them on your OGSM Board. Here you can rename the columns and move the templates around in order to create the most appropriate view of your OGSM Strategy.

View All of Your Strategies on the Dashboard

To view a list view of all your OGSMs, click on “View Dashboard” in the menu bar. The list of Strategies on the dashboard includes the objectives, goals and the person accountable. From here you can also export the list in spreadsheet format and view a chart of current progress.

Get Expert Advice and Help

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