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Strategy Development Process Software Icon

Strategy Development Process

The Strategy Development Process app is a powerful sequential process focused on scanning the external environment, identifying customer priorities, analyzing competition, exploring internal capabilities, and developing business strategy. Walk through a clear step-by-step process by filling out best practice templates that produce a fully fleshed out business strategy and strategic plan.
Innovation Phases and Gates Software Icon

Innovation Phases & Gates

The Innovation Phases and Gates app allows you to create a portfolio of opportunities and track products and services through their stages, phases and gates. Using a best practice concept template, create an unlimited number of ideas and move them through a defined set of phases, each with a “gate” where you can assess the opportunity. Track and manage everything with a complete innovation phase gate dashboard.
Change Management Process Software

Change Management Process

The Change Management Process gives you change management best practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. Use proven tools and templates from the most widely used organizational change and transformation processes to define and run your change project. Walk through a clear step-by-step process by filling out best practice templates that allow you to define your project, align stakeholders, engage people in the change, and support the change over time.
Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard

Create a complete balanced scorecard for your business. Invite your team to create an unlimited number of scorecards that capture your strategies, objectives, measures and actions. Assign owners to track progress in your visual dashboard.
Key Performance Indicators KPI Dashboard Software

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard

The Key Performance Indicators Dashboard gives you a simple way to manage the most important KPIs for your business. Use the KPI wizard to instantly create KPIs that measure and track quantifiable metrics for any business function or activity. Use bar charts, graphs, status indicators, status notes, and tasks with assigned owners to ensure progress toward your most important measurable goals.
Diversity Equity Inclusion DEI Software App

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) app is a powerful step-by-step process focused on learning about DEI, assessing your organization, talent and employee experience, and then prioritizing opportunities and running projects to address key areas of improvement. Walk through a clear step-by-step process by filling out best practice templates and entering data that create DEI dashboards to track your progress over time.
9 Box Grid Talent Management Software

Nine Box Assessment Grid for Talent Management

The Nine Box Grid Talent Management & Succession Planning application gives your HR team everything it needs to assess, identify, and manage high potential talent. Through simple assessment tools, create dashboards to view talent across the nine box grid and drill down into individual profiles for deeper analysis and insight. Talent Management & Succession Planning has never been faster or easier.
Meeting Agenda Manager

Team Meeting & Agenda Manager

The Team Meeting & Agenda Manager provides a simple way to create agendas, capture action items, and track actions for every individual from one meeting to the next. Create an unlimited number of meeting records, upload and archive files for each meeting, search across meetings for specific action items, and export actions into spreadsheets. The Team Meeting Manager will save you time planning and summarizing your meetings while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your team.
Kanban Board Project Management Software

Kanban Board Team Collaboration

Use the Kanban Board to increase your team’s overall effectiveness and enhance collaboration. Keep track of activities and action plans for your team as a whole and for individual team members. Use a simple activity template to define specific actions, owners, status, priority, and more. Include documents and notes for ever activity and define tasks and assign owners to create role clarity, accountability, and focus for your team. Search across activities for specific action items, and export actions into spreadsheets. Save time while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your remote team.