upBOARD’s Software App for Online Product & Service Portfolio Development

upBOARD’s Product & Service Portfolio app is the starting point for a new business idea. The app allows you to build a portfolio of business concepts that can be prioritized and then used to develop prototypes, proof of concepts, roadmaps, and business plans. Create as many concepts as you want using a proven template to build a concept portfolio to prioritize and develop over time. Place concepts into categories by type of concept, target market, launch timeframe, or just about anything else. The concept development process includes:

Concept templates that include classifications into products, services, target customer demographics, and describes what is unique about it that will give this idea a competitive advantage.

  • This app allows you to visualize the concept portfolio by Assessment, Categories and Feasibility.
  • It’s also possible to track all action items for each concept through the Actions Roll-Up report.
  • Exporting the data into a spreadsheet is seamless.

App Features

Add a New Card for Each Concept

The app includes all of the steps involved with identifying, tracking, prioritizing and working with external partners focused on concept portfolio, including startups, universities, entrepreneurs, and more. Just click on Add New Concept to start a card for each new idea.

Complete the Template with Specifics about the Idea

Complete the Template with as much information as possible, including Target Market, Painpoint or Problem to be Solved, Description of the idea and Value Proposition.

View All Concepts in a List for Easy Reference

View your complete list of idea anytime by going to the Concept Portfolio List card. Easily reference, find details, or add a new concept from this card.

Access Reports Anytime to Summarize your New Concepts

Choose from Feasibility Report, Assessment Report, Category Report or Actions Roll-up Report to summarize your New Concept Portfolio activities.

Archive or Export your Ideas

Choose to Archive your Ideas for later reference, or download them to an Excel document.

Get Expert Advice and Help

View videos narrated by leading experts to learn more about Product & Service Portfolio best practices. Get additional consulting and support anytime.