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A3 Report Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

A3 Report

An A3 Report is a tool used by team leaders and managers to document a set of key data points and important information needed for ongoing progress checks and decision-making.Learn More »
Audit Checklist Template - Excel XLS Template

Audit Checklist

The Audit Checklist provides guidelines for practitioners to identify elements of a process or specific items to be examined in the further understanding and following of procedures necessary for continuous monitoring and steady improvement.Learn More »
Black Belt Project Storyboard Checklist Template - Excel XLS Template

Black Belt Project Storyboard

The Black Belt Project Storyboard should be used when you want to share best practices or learnings from a specific change management initiative or project to a wider audience within an organization or to a broader group of stakeholders.Learn More »

Black Belt Tollgate Checklist

A Black Belt Tollgate Checklist is one of the tools of the trade of a Six Sigma project manager or practitioner. The Checklist outlines the deliverables for each phase of DMAIC and helps provide guidance on which deliverables and checks must be completed before moving on to the next phase.Learn More »
Cause Effect Matrix Template - Excel XLS Template

Cause and Effect Matrix

Business leaders and managers using the Cause and Effect Matrix (also known as a C&E Matrix) will be better able to prioritize the Key Process Input Variables (KPIVs) based on Key Priorities of Customer Outputs (KPOVs). The matrix helps establish correlation between process input metrics and customer outputs during root cause analyses.Learn More »
DMAIC Checklist Template - Excel XLS Template

DMAIC Checklist

DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, and the DMAIC Checklist helps guide leaders to complete the DMAIC process.Learn More »
DMAIC Roadmap Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

DMAIC Roadmap

The DMAIC Roadmap methodology is typically implemented when an organization reaches a certain level of organizational culture and experience to warrant it. Each of the steps must be mastered and completed in a particular order in order to get the most out of the DMAIC methodology.Learn More »
DPO DPMO Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

DPO and DPMO Calculator

The DPO and DPMO Calculator provides a tool to estimate the DPO rate and DPMO rate of any process or system within your organization.Learn More »

Eight Disciplines (8D)

Eight Disciplines (8D) is a problem solving methodology and model designed to find the root cause of a particular problem within a business. It is most commonly used in the auto industry by quality engineers but has also been applied to other industries and sectors including retail, healthcare, finance, government and manufacturing.Learn More »
Five Whys Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Five Whys Process

The Five Whys Process provides business leaders and managers with a simple and easy to understand methods used in the Analyze phase of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) within the Lean Six Sigma process.Learn More »
Margin of Error Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

Margin of Error Calculator

Margin of Error is a critical calculation used to estimate how accurate specific assumptions are and how confident the user can be as to the correct outcome of those assumptions. The Margin of Error calculation allows business leaders and managers to assess how a sample of data relates to a larger population.Learn More »
MECE Mutual Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

MECE (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive)

The MECE (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) framework provides business leaders and managers with a way of dividing information up into elements that are “mutually exclusive” and “collectively exhaustive”. The MECE framework is famously used by McKinsey consultants to structure information and reduce complexity by avoiding overlaps while gathering a comprehensive collection of data points without leaving room for alternatives.Learn More »
Project Meeting Roles Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Meeting and Project Roles Template

In order to avoid wasting valuable time on team meetings which lead to no clear outcome, use the Meeting and Project Roles template. This template provides you with a simple structure and outline to identify members of a project team and their duties during regular team meetings.Learn More »
MTBF MTTR Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

MTBF and MTTR Calculators

MTBF and MTTR are two of the most important Key Performance Indicators for managers and business leaders to look at when trying to improve the reliability of a product, service or piece of machinery. They can be used independently but are even more useful when put together. MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failures, and is the average length of time before a piece of machinery or a product breaks. MTTR is Mean Time to Repair, or the average length of time it takes to get a piece of machinery back up and running or repaired when it does break down.Learn More »
OEE Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

OEE Calculator

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and is generally considered to refer to a measurement in “Total Productive Maintenance” programs. The measure looks at effectiveness and efficiency of machinery or processes and is commonly referred to in reference to Lean Manufacturing.Learn More »
Pareto Chart Template - Excel XLS Template

Pareto Chart

A Pareto Chart is a tool used by business leaders to analyze data about the likelihood of certain problems occurring through the analysis of problem frequency and root causes.Learn More »
Process Control Plan Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Process Control Plan

Process Control Plan is a tool used to document and track the elements of quality control within a system in order to make sure that quality standards are upheld and maintained for a specific product, process or service. A Process Control Plan helps to formalize and document the system of control and quality control during a process.Learn More »
Project Prioritization Matrix Template - Excel XLS Template

Project Priority Matrix

Project Priority Matrix is a tool to help business leaders work out what the key priorities for a specific project should be. The tool can also be used to prioritize and select from multiple projects in order to prioritize and select which project among many should be pursued first.Learn More »
Project Purpose Worksheet Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Project Purpose Worksheet

A Project Purpose Worksheet provides a simple table for a business leader to outline their own responses to four simple questions related to the purpose of the project and the mission of the business overall.Learn More »
Project Schedule Worksheet Template - Excel XLS Template

Project Schedule Worksheet

A Project Schedule Worksheet provides a simple framework for a business leader or manager to use to track planned start and end dates for specific tasks that fall under a larger project alongside notes and current task status.
Learn More »
Project Screener Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Project Screener

A Project Screener Worksheet provides a simple framework for business leaders or managers to validate the premise of a project by asking four key questions designed to enable the creation of a draft goal statement.Learn More »
Project Selection Guide Template - Excel XLS Template

Project Selection Guide

The Project Selection Guide is a tool used by business leaders and managers to assess whether or not a project should be pursued based on the value of potential improvements, overall meaningfulness to the business, and ability for the project to be managed effectively by the existing team.Learn More »
Sample Size Margin of Error Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

Sample Size Calculator

A Sample Size Calculator allows you to determine the sample size within a population necessary to test in order to make an accurate assessment without surveying an entire population or testing every single individual within a certain set.Learn More »
SIPOC Analysis Diagram Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

SIPOC Analysis

The SIPOC Analysis Template can be used by a business leader or manager to identify the relevant parts of a process improvement project before work begins. SIPOC Analysis is particularly helpful when defining a complex process that requires additional scoping, and it is typically carried out during the Measure phase of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process.Learn More »
Six Sigma Balanced Scorecard Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Six Sigma Balanced Scorecard

A Six Sigma Balanced Scorecard is a model that summarizes an organization’s high-level strategic goals, initiatives designed to reach those goals, and metrics, or key performance indicators, that monitor success over time.Learn More »
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template - Powerpoint PPT Template

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

A Standard Operating Procedure, or SOP, is a document or process outline that has been created to show operators how to carry out a specific task, process or activity. It can be delivered as a document, presentation, workflow document, or even a video.Learn More »
Takt Time Calculator Template - Excel XLS Template

Takt Time Calculator

In Six Sigma, Takt Time refers to the available time for production divided by the required units of production during the same period. Time available for production includes the total number of hours that employees work on production minus any breaks or meetings.Learn More »
Voice of Customer VOC Table Template - PowerPoint PPT Template

Voice of the Customer Table

The Voice of the Customer Table is a template which helps business leaders and managers frame the inputs received through the process of carrying out a Voice of the Customer (VOC) exercise.Learn More »
Cause & Effect Matrix Template - Excel XLS Template

XY (Cause & Effect) Matrix

The XY Matrix (or the Cause & Effect Matrix) is a six sigma tool which can be used to prioritize key inputs and simultaneously rank priorities of customer outputs. The XY Matrix tool is most frequently used to support the DMAIC “measure” phase to show the relationship between X (Cause) and Y (Effect) factors.Learn More »

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