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Soren Kaplan
Affiliate, USC Center for Effective Organizations
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About The Invisible Advantage Interactive App

Based on the book, The Invisible Advantage, the Invisible Advantage Innovation Culture app gives you everything you need to create and manage your own culture of innovation for your team or organization by nurturing an environment that promotes free thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels and across all functions. It’s a complete tool kit that anyone can use to uncover the unique, hidden drivers of innovation and then introduce fresh, intuitive approaches tailored to their organization’s specific environment.

A Best Practice Process to Create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation Culture is today’s only sustainable competitive advantage! The Invisible Advantage app springboards off of Soren Kaplan’s wildly popular Fast Company article, 6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation by expanding Soren’s ideas and transforming them into a how-to guide for changing the game.

Create and Manage Your Innovation Culture

This app is based on best practice processes and tools for creating a culture of innovation. View the video for additional background on The Invisible Advantage and an overview of the app. Use the app during team meetings or provide access to individual team members who own and lead specific culture change projects or data within the dashboard. Set a timeline for completing steps to ensure your team’s and organization’s expectations are clear around the process and expected results.

Get Innovation Culture Best Practices

Videos reveal best practices for innovation culture based on The Invisible Advantage and Soren Kaplan’s 25 years of experience focused on the innovation process, leadership for innovation, innovation metrics, and more. Invite your team to view the videos together and discuss the related topics. Capture notes about the implications and opportunities you see for your own team or organization.

Assess Your Innovation Culture

Take the Invisible Advantage Culture Assessment to gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses related to your innovation strategy, leadership, structure and processes, people and talent, innovation metrics, and enabling technology. Review the Innovation Culture Model and then complete the assessment by yourself or with your team. Based on your assessment, get specific recommended best practices to address any gaps across the different categories of the Invisible Advantage innovation culture model. View videos that describe how to approach each topic area, including a list of very specific things you can do to influence your culture to get more innovation.

Evaluate Areas of Opportunity

Review the results of your assessment to quickly identify areas of strength and find opportunities for improvement.

Prioritize Your Culture Change Opportunities

As shown on the Innovation Culture Map, seven dimensions of innovation culture come together to form a system that can promote, or hinder innovation. Each dimension includes opportunities to improve specific things that can help foster a culture of innovation. Based on your assessment, specific areas will arise as top opportunities for improving your innovation culture. Choose to change the combination of things that will make the most difference for your overall business objectives and values using a proven list of best practices for each relevant area.

Create Your Innovation Culture Change Roadmap

The priority opportunities you identified, along with the specific best practices you select, are automatically placed into a three-step “roadmap” that gives you a clear game plan for moving forward.

Create and Track Innovation Culture Projects

For each area that ties to the “first step phase” of your roadmap, define projects to build a direct line of sight to the culture change objectives, sponsorship, owners, and project status that collective ensure the effective implementation of your priorities.

Use the Innovation Culture Dashboard to Stay on Track

View a real-time dashboard of your projects and other best practice innovation metrics anytime to ensure your innovation culture program is on track over time. Track and measure innovation funding, training, rewards and recognition and more to ensure everyone is aligned around the most important levers for culture change.

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