SQDCI Dashboard Data

upBOARD’s Software App for Online SQDC

(Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost)

The SQDC app from upBOARD gives you a quick and simple way to create and manage your complete SQDC manufacturing or operations process. Setup your unique SQDC process by defining your metrics and monthly targets. List and track root causes for misses of metrics for each SQDC element and create and track action plans to address any issues.

Unlike most traditional SQDC approaches that use physical white boards or paper, the SQDC app delivers a fully digital approach to entering, viewing, and tracking your SQDC daily metrics over time. Use the app to summarize your existing process, or work with a team to review and enter data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The app uses the common SQDC definitions including:

  • Safety (e.g., violations, missed work due to injuries, and unsafe work practices, etc.)
  • Quality (e.g., product defects, process breakdowns, etc.).
  • Delivery (e.g., on-time vs. delayed shipments, etc.)
  • Cost (e.g., cost of goods, waste and leftover raw materials, overtime, late fees, etc.)

For each SQDC letter, the app allows you to select the month and day within a visual of the specific letter and choose “red” or “green” to indicate the status of the letter.

An Executive Dashboard provides a complete rollup of all SQDCs to provide a trends dashboard by day, month, and year. A simple action plan can be used to track specific tasks to address key issues and can become a living document to support ongoing improvements.

App Features

Create & Manage Your SQDC Process

Setup your unique SQDC process by defining your metrics, monthly targets and any root causes for misses of metrics for each SQDC element below. Include up to three (3) metrics and root causes per SQDC letter, or contact us to customize this app to better fit your process.

Complete the Template for Each Parameter

Complete the template for each letter card (Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost) in the process by recording your metrics, targets and root causes for later analysis.

Access a Summary for Each Parameter

Show a summary of each parameter, including the total number of incidents for the time period, to present in your huddle meetings.

Review and Present Trends

View annual trend reporting in the Executive Dashboard. Use the Dashboard to present results and as a basis for Action Planning.

Create an Action Plan for Improvements

Based on your root causes and trends, create an action plan to address top priority issues for improvement.