Business Strategy Development Process

upBOARD’s Software App for Online Strategy Development

Business Strategy Development Process

The Business Strategy Development app is based on best practice processes and tools in business strategy, and includes all of the creative and analytical tools needed to create a robust business strategy, such as:

  • External environment scanning
  • Competitive assessment
  • Opportunity identification
  • Creation of your vision, mission, roadmap, strategies and tactics
  • Creating a robust business strategy is both a creative and analytical process.

Ideally, involve your entire team to collectively identify new insights and build a strategy that carries you into the future.

App Features

Get Tools for Scanning and Mapping the External Environment

Understanding external trends, customer needs and the competitive landscape is essential to ensure your strategy is anchored in what’s happening in the external environment. Through gaining insights in to the dynamics occurring in the world, you can better identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities to meet the changing demands of the market. The app includes three steps with tools for scanning the external environment: Map Trends, Define Customer Needs, and Analyze Competition.

Assess Internal Capabilities

Organizational capabilities are the tangible (e.g., technologies, assets, etc.) and intangible (knowledge, brand image) things that allow you to be effective. The app includes three steps with tools for assessing your capabilities: Analyze Competencies, Prioritize Technologies, and Define Critical Success Factors. Understanding and analyzing your Core Competencies that distinguish you from the competition. Gaining clarity on your Technology Priorities can help differentiate your offerings and business model. Understanding your key success factors helps establish a baseline for what needs to be included in your strategy.

Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

Creating a robust strategy involves identifying and prioritizing opportunities. The app includes three steps with tools for assessing your capabilities: Conduct SWOT, Analyze Gaps, and Map Opportunities. Conducting a SWOT Analysis is a core step for any business strategy. Defining the gaps between where you are (your current state) and your desired future state also helps clarify direction and necessary actions. For organizations that want to prioritize strategies, product and service solutions, and other opportunities, creating an “Opportunity Map” creates focus on where to allocate resources.

Create a Roadmap to your Business Strategy

Developing your strategy starts with understanding the foundation for why you exist, what you want to achieve in the world and the values that will guide your work. The app includes three steps with tools for building your detailed business strategy: Create Vision and Mission, Build Strategic Roadmap, and Define Strategies and Tactics. Creating a roadmap helps keep the big picture in focus while your goals, objectives and success measures allow you to focus on specific “strategies” to achieve your vision.

Use the App to Create your Strategic Plan

As you move through the steps and use the proven tools to scan the external environment, assess internal capabilities, identify opportunities, etc., the app summarizes each aspect of your analysis and summarizes it into your unique Strategic Plan. Share the plan with others directly from the app in “presentation mode” to summarize your progress, gain feedback, and create alignment to ensure successful implementation.

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Use our vast library of Strategy tools and templates to complement the Strategy Development Process as you build your unique Strategic Plan.

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