upBOARD’s Software App for Online Strategy Execution Process

upBOARD’s Strategy Execution app gives teams and organizations a simple way to create and manage Strategy, Objectives and Actions in a single place. The application follows the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) process using the OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies Measures) framework.

App Features

Create a Column for Each Goal

Begin by customizing your template. Just rename the five columns to your strategic objectives.

Summarize Each Objective

In the Summary Card at the top of each column, add a one sentence description of your Objective. Below the Summary Card, create goals for each objective by tapping the “Add Goal” button.

Complete the Goal Template

Within each goal, fill in Goal name, Strategy, Measurable Metrics, Status (Green, Yellow, Red), Current status, Last update, and Owner. The Owner will then be notified that they are now the owner of the card.

Goals are Summarized For You

As you add more goals to your Strategy, they will be summarized by objective at the top of each column.

Track Your Team’s Actions

The App also gives you the ability to track your team’s actions in the integrated KanBan actions manager.

Access the Strategy Template Board

And finally, access dozens of templates in the Strategy Templates board such as Core Competency Analysis, Opportunity Portfolios, and Strategic Analysis.