upBOARD’s App for Managing Team Meetings

Use the Meeting Manager app to lead effective team meetings. Create a new meeting record and include the meeting name, list of participants, date, agenda, and meeting notes. Also include any supporting documents. Display the meeting agenda and related information in a video conference, or invite your team directly into the meeting app. Capture action items as the meeting progresses, and assign actions to one or more “owners” with specific due dates. Track the status of actions over time, and revisit any “Open Action Items” during the next meeting to ensure progress and team accountability.

All meeting records are listed in chronological order with the latest meeting at the top. Go back into any meeting to review notes, documents and action items. Archive or delete meeting records anytime. The Meeting Manager provides teams and team leaders with a simple yet powerful tool for creating structured meetings that drive focus and results.

App Features

Easily Manage Your Team Meetings

Create agendas, manage meetings and track action Items to quickly and easily manage your high-performing team. Provide access to individual team members who own and can lead specific phases or steps of the process. Set a timeline within the app for completing tasks to ensure your team’s and organization’s expectations are clear around the process and expected results.

Easily Create New Meetings

Create a new meeting from the Get Started page, or from other pages within the app. A New Meeting Record will be created and will open for you to enter its information.

Store All Your Meeting Details in One Place

Add all of your specific meeting details on the template such as date, meeting name, participants, agenda, and any meeting notes, then save the information all in one place.

Capture and Assign Action Items

During your meeting, use the template to list action items, their owners, and due dates. Monitor the status of each open item and during the next meeting review each item to keep your team accountable.

Track All Your Open Action Items in One Place

Any incomplete action items or items that have an upcoming due date will appear in the list of open action items. To view the more detail and drill down on a specific action item, just open the meeting in which it was created.