User Acceptance Testing Software

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) app provides a simple yet powerful way to create, assign, track, organize, and report on user acceptance tests. Create an unlimited number of tests and assign them to team members. Define requirements, categorize tests, set priority levels, track test dates, categorize results, and track comments on any test. Use the UAT Project Dashboard to instantly gain visibility to the current status of your overall User Acceptance Testing project.

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Effectively test and organize your User Acceptance Tests.

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Features

Create and Manage Your User Acceptance Testing Projects

Define your Projects

Add clarity to your projects by defining exactly what you want to test.

Assign Resources

Assign team members to conduct each test.

Set Delivery Dates

Set visible delivery dates so that everyone is on the same page.

Create and Manage Tests

Define Requirements and Acceptance Criteria

Define the testing requirements and what results of a successful test look like.

Track Results

Track results from each test.

Search, Sort, and View Tests

View the status of each test in one location and sort them as needed.

View and Track Overall Status

View Status Summary

Chart the current status of your tests.

View Test Type

View and set the test type, whether Functional, Experience or Performance.

View by Priority Level

See priority levels for each test, including Low, Medium, High or Critical.

View by Test Owner

Sort tests by Owner to see who has primary responsibility for its completion.

View by Test Result

Sort tests by result to see whether it’s Untested, Accepted or Rejected.

View by Acceptance Criteria

Sort and view tests by their description and acceptance criteria.

View by Test Number

Sort tests by number for a traditional view.

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