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Digitize Hoshins, A3 projects, Kaizen & more


Track incidents, KPIs, & shop floor data

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Features & Customization

Fully Digitize Your Manufacturing Plant Operations

  • Transform physical boards & documents into digital workflows
  • Digitize any process including SQDCI, work instructions, A3s, Kaizen, Incidents, Maintenance and more.
  • Connect ERP, MES, QMS & WMS data & systems
Manufacturing Work Processes

Design Your Own Unique Workflows & Processes

  • Configure your entire process and dashboards unique to you
  • Create workflows that move from vision, goals, plans, metrics, issues and actions
  • Integrate your own data, documents & tools into your process
Manufacturing Software Template Library

Integrate 300+ manufacturing operations best practices from the experts

  • Instantly apply out-of-the-box best practice templates
  • Gain confidence with proven Six Sigma best practice tools
  • Get processes like A3, Kaizen, SQDC, and many more
Manufacturing Team Stand Up Agenda

Create & Manage Standup Agendas

  • Create standard agendas or customize for specific shifts
  • Connect agendas to dashboards for daily, weekly & monthly reports
  • Create visibility of status, gaps, and risks
SQDCI Dashboard Data

Use Lean Digital Whiteboards for Real-Time Updates

  • Display data in static or rotating views on digital displays
  • Create custom dashboard views for specific shifts & teams
  • View real-time changes as data updates over time
prototype idea template

Use Kaizen for Continuous Improvement

  • Collect and manage ideas for process improvements
  • Assign ideas to individuals and teams
  • Manage and track your project portfolio
Manufacturing A3 Project Template

Create & Manage A3 Projects

  • Leverage proven A3 project templates
  • Customize your own A3 formats
  • Track your portfolio of improvement projects
Six Sigma Template Library

Accelerate Results with Lean Six Sigma

  • Apply lean tools & templates to specific projects
  • Customize your own lean tools & processes
  • Manage “sprints” to ensure rapid implementation
Manufacturing Incident Report

Manage & Track Incidents

  • Collect incident reports
  • Customize incident report templates
  • Manage, assign, and track actions for resolution
Manufacturing Operations Reporting Dash

Track Key Performance Indicators

  • Create KPI dashboards for plants, departments & teams
  • View real-time summary reports
  • Gain insight into what’s working and not working
Strategic Projects Management Software

Connect Strategies to Projects for Full Visibility

  • Link strategies to your most improvement projects
  • Track status to identify risk areas
  • Use real-time reporting to ensure progress
Praxie Software Platform Animation

Integrate Machine & Information System Data

  • Connect Machine data including PLC, SCADA, sensors & more
  • Integrate data from ERP, MES, QMS, and WMS sources
  • Link and integrate Google Docs, Office 365, JIRA, & more
Data and Document Integration

Connect Project Management Tools & Other Software

  • Use Praxie as your “platform of platforms” to simplify everything
  • Connect other tools and software into your Command Center dashboard
  • Link data and files from across applications

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Michael Lynch is a creative and successful executive with extensive leadership experience in delivering innovative collaboration products and building global businesses. Prior to founding Praxie, Michael led the Internet of Things business at SAP. He joined SAP as part of the acquisition of Right Hemisphere Inc., where he held the position of CEO. During his tenure, he transformed a small tools provider for graphics professionals to the global leader in Visualization software for Global 1,000 manufacturers and led the company to a successful acquisition by SAP.

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