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Acquire data without complex transformation


Enable application-specific AI to analyze, diagnose, suggest, automate & monitor


Deliver tailored AI process apps to your team in weeks

Our Customers Achieve Great Results

Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost


Build any application 10x faster at 1/10th the cost

Easily build no-code applications that rapidly digitize your processes, drive projects, and gain analytics insights.

Power your business with Artificial Intelligence

Use our AI co-pilot to digitize processes, pinpoint problems, and instantly craft project plans.

Unify data & document access

Seamlessly unify data from sources like SQL and IoT, centralizing access for real-time insights and streamlined decision-making.

Get 100's of digitized best practice processes & workflows

Access and implement 100’s of expert-designed, digitized processes for strategy, manufacturing, projects, and more, ensuring proven best practices drive your business.

Integrate project management tools

Utilize advanced project management tools for enhanced collaboration, tracking, and data-driven insights to boost project success rates.

Connect key applications & systems

Effortlessly integrate with major systems like ERP and MES, unify business processes, and ensure plug-and-play compatibility across all workflows and data.
Praxie Business Process Software

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Drive Intelligent Digital Transformation

We digitize your business for breakthrough cost-savings, process effectiveness, & business growth. In hours and days. Not weeks and months.
Praxie Digital Transformation Platform

Welcome to the A.I. Business Process Revolution.

Praxie’s AI-Powered Digital Transformation Software Platform digitizes your business 10x faster at one-tenth the cost of other enterprise software solutions. Automate business processes with our pre-configured applications or work with our experts to create custom solutions that transform your organization with AI-powered processes, application workflows, and dashboards.

Artificial intelligence is rewriting business process playbooks. Welcome to the A.I. Business Process Revolution.

Digitize Your Business Function

Digitize your manufacturing process 10x faster at one-tenth the cost

Create & cascade your strategy 10x faster with 10x greater impact

Drive innovation 10x faster with 10x impact

Drive change programs 10x faster with 10x impact

Digitize any process 10x faster at one-tenth the cost

Lean Six Sigma & Quality Process Improvement Software

Transform your manufacturing with AI-powered processes, dashboards, and applications.

Digitize SQDC Processes, Data & Dashboards

Fully digitize and integrate all safety, quality, delivery and cost processes & data

Integrate MES, ERP, & QMS data

Seamlessly integrate data into reports & dashboards

Get 100's of lean six sigma best practice digital tools

Instantly apply lean sigma & process improvement applications

Get expert lean six sigma advice & coaching

Get guidance from our manufacturing experts.

Free Manufacturing Digital Transformation Webinars

Supercharge your manufacturing process with new insights, ideas, and strategies.

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The 10x Benefits of Praxie

Transform your organization with AI-powered processes, dashboards, and applications.

Instantly implement best practice processes

Use individual process apps or integrate into your own custom workflows and solutions.

Move faster and more effectively as a team

Align your team and get more done with greater focus.

Create robust solutions at a fraction of the cost of other systems

Get world-class software at one-tenth the cost of similar enterprise systems.

Get expert processes, advice & coaching

Gain confidence with proven processes & workflows created by subject-matter experts.

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