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Partnership Benefits


Get new revenue streams


Deliver custom solutions for customers


Create competitive differentiation

Take your business to new heights by helping your clients and customers drive AI-powered digital transformation. Join forces with us, and we’ll revolutionize the intelligent digital landscape, together.

Unlock unparalleled opportunities to skyrocket your customer base, amplify revenue streams, and establish a market-leading presence. Our innovative Quik-Start partner program, coupled with a diverse portfolio of best practice industry solutions, is tailor-made to accelerate your growth.

Whether you specialize in building, customizing, selling, or delivering value-added services, your Praxie partnership will propel you to the forefront of digital business success. Your clients will reap the rewards of our cutting-edge technology platform, enriched and extended by your own unique offerings and services, all seamlessly delivered on the cloud.

Choose your program and create the future of AI-powered digital business in partnership with Praxie


For independent consultants or software application developers to build solutions on top of, or integrate with, Praxie technology (white label).


For value-added resellers who want to own the entire customer lifecycle or collaborate with other partners.


For consulting firms or systems integrators that provide strategic business, architecture, or technology services, system design, solution integration, and implementation of solutions.

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