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Welcome to the AI Business Process Revolution

Our AI Powered Digital Transformation Software Platform digitizes your business 10x faster at one-tenth the cost of other enterprise software solutions. Automate business processes with our pre-configured applications or create custom solutions with Artificial Intelligence powered processes, application workflows, and dashboards. Digitize your business for breakthrough cost-savings & business growth in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Platform Components

AI Digital Process Workflow Software

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Obtain best practices process recommendations and strategies
  • Uncover root-causes of problems and identify key actions to mitigate issues
  • Instantly generate action plans to address issues

Manufacturing Software Template Library

Hundreds of digitized best practice tools & templates

  • Instantly apply out-of-the-box best practice templates
  • Gain confidence with proven tools designed by process experts
  • Get processes for strategy, six sigma, innovation, projects, and more

Data and Document Integration

3rd Party Software Integration

  • Use Praxie as your “platform of platforms” to simplify everything
  • Connect other tools and software into your applications and solutions
  • Link data and files from across applications

SQDCI Dashboard Data

Filtered Metrics and Historical Data

  • Time-Series Insights: Capture and store historical data, enabling in-depth analysis of trends and patterns over time, leading to data-driven insights for continuous process improvement
  • Filtered Metrics for Actionable Intelligence: Leverage advanced filtering capabilities to extract meaningful metrics from historical data, empowering decision-makers with relevant and actionable intelligence to drive operational excellence
  • Uncover Trends and Improve Performance: Utilize over-time data insights to identify opportunities for efficiency gains, predict maintenance needs, and optimize production processes, ultimately boosting productivity and overall performance

Simple, No-Code Tools

  • Transform documents, white boards, and digital files to streamline processes without the need for complex coding, significantly reducing development time and costs
  • Enable seamless integration of existing data into executive-level analytics, fostering data-driven decision-making for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Transform your processes rapidly and effortlessly with our intuitive no-code platform, unlocking new opportunities for innovation, cost-savings, and growth

ERP Digital Process Automation Platform

Interoperable with Key Applications & Systems

  • Seamlessly Integrated with Core Systems: Interoperate with essential applications like ERP, streamlining data exchange and optimizing workflows for enhanced productivity
  • Unify Processes Across the Ecosystem: Create a cohesive business process ecosystem by connecting key applications, fostering better data synchronization, and enabling real-time insights for improved decision-making
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility: Easily integrate with existing infrastructure, reducing implementation time and costs, while ensuring smooth data flow between applications to maximize operational efficiency

Manufacturing Software Template Library

Project Management Tools

  • Comprehensive Project Management Tools: Access a range of project management methodologies including Strategy, Innovation, Six Sigma, Lean, and third-party tools, empowering teams to plan, execute, and monitor projects with precision and efficiency
  • Streamlined Collaboration and Tracking: Foster collaboration among teams by utilizing integrated project management tools, ensuring seamless communication, progress tracking, and timely delivery of projects
  • Data-Driven Project Insights: Leverage data from project management tools to analyze performance metrics, identify improvement opportunities, and enhance overall project success rates through informed decision-making

Manufacturing Operations Dashboard SQDCI

Unified Data & Document Access

  • Unified Access: Seamlessly connect SQL, SharePoint, Google, and other data sources, providing users with a single access point to retrieve and manage critical information efficiently
  • Instant Insights at Your Fingertips: Empower teams to access real-time data and documents from diverse platforms, facilitating quicker decision-making and fostering collaboration across the organization
  • Simplified Data Management: Enhance data governance and security by centralizing data and document access, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of information silos

Manufacturing Work Processes

Dynamic Dashboards & Visibility

  • Real-Time Visibility: Access dynamic dashboards that provide instant, comprehensive insights into operations and strategies, empowering data-driven decision-making at every level
  • Elevate Operational Awareness: Gain a holistic view of your business processes, enabling proactive monitoring, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing resources to improve overall efficiency and responsiveness
  • Collaborative Decision-Making: Foster collaboration and alignment between teams by sharing critical information through interactive dashboards, facilitating cross-functional communication and accelerating problem-solving across the organization

Drive Intelligent Digital Transformation

We digitize your business for breakthrough cost-savings, process effectiveness, & business growth. In hours and days. Not weeks and months.

The problem with most software tools is that they’re “tools” – teams need to incorporate them into their existing myriad of other collaboration software platforms they’re using, adding to the proliferation of login IDs and general collaboration tool overload. Today’s teams need more than the status quo – they need their complete business strategies, business processes, data analytics, metrics dashboards, documents, and collaboration all woven together into a coherent whole. That’s exactly what we’re creating with Praxie — the next generation no-code software platform for business process best practices. And if you want custom software development services, we can help there too.

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