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Training Development Plan Best Practices

A Training Development Plan is a series of checklists or action plans which act as working documents to support employees and line managers in elevating the skills and competence of a particular set of employees across a team. The correct implementation of a Training Development Plan ensures the manager and the employee are both meeting their personal growth goals while simultaneously developing their ability to achieve more in the workplace while helping to support the long-term strategies of the business.

More about Training Development Plan

Description of Training Development Plan

Training Development Plans are different from personal development plans in that they bring together a cohesive view of multiple personal development plans for individual employees to give senior business leaders a high level view of the training and support requirements needed to develop a larger team.

The primary focus of a Training Development Plan should be to elevate the competency of all employees across the board. While individual employees are generally motivated by personal self-development, it is generally understood that if self-development is aligned with organizational goals and future needs, employee satisfaction will improve in line with business performance. With this in mind, business leaders must work closely with employees to uncover what their own personal motivations are around work and self-development in order to build plans which can be tailored to the individual as well as the business.

Training Development Plans can also help managers to address future business needs and succession planning, as employees that feel supported by their business to develop and grow are less likely to leave. Ultimately, this helps to reduce the cost of recruiting and onboarding new employees as well as training external candidates or using freelancers.

Praxie's Online Training Development Plan Tools & Templates

Unlike most traditional Training Development Plan processes, Praxie’s online Training Development Plan tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. The Training Development Plan tool helps business leaders to look at the training needs of individuals and teams across the business in order to flag the biggest opportunities for improvement and development of the entire workforce. The Training Development Plan tool engages senior leaders and line managers in a process of assessing the current skills (and skill gaps) of individuals across the business while compiling a list of potential training solutions which would add value both to the individual employee and the business as a whole. 

A Training Plan outlines the specific knowledge or skills people and groups need, based on changes to their jobs, work process, or technology. The training plan outlines specific deliverables that will be developed, and specifies who will lead the development of the deliverables and the timeline for their completion. Get started with our Training Development Plan template. 

How to use it: 

  1. Review the template. 
  2. Reflect and gather the requested information. 
  3. Insert the information across the columns.  
  4. Use your plan to manage and track the development of your Training Deliverables throughout your project. 

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