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Resource Breakdown Structures is a hierarchical list of resources related by function and resource type that is used to facilitate planning and controlling of project work. The Resource Breakdown Structure includes the personnel resources needed for successful completion of a project. It also contains all resources on which project funds will be spent, including personnel, tools, machinery, materials, equipment and fees and licenses. Actual money is not considered a resource in the RBS, rather only those resources that will cost money are included.

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Description of Resource Breakdown Structures

The resources in a Resource Breakdown Structure are broken down into categories as well as resource types, in order to identify human resource and staffing needs related to a specific project. The Resource Breakdown Structure can be as simple as a detailed list, or for more complicated projects, may look like an outline or organizational chart. For example, the top level of the RBS could be the business unit that resource belongs to, with the needs for the project outlined below and include all resources needed, not only personnel but tools, machinery, materials, equipment, fees and licenses as well.

Tools & Templates

Specific tools used in Resource Breakdown Structures include spreadsheets, organizational charts and job descriptions.

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