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Our partnership with the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMCUSA) gives consultants unparalleled access to consulting best practices. Learn more about IMCUSA to or join the Praxie Consultant Network below to get instant access to best practice templates and processes for strategy, innovation, operations, project management and more.

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Business Insider named our Co-Founder, Soren Kaplan, one of the top “Power Players” of the Management Consulting Industry. View recording of our recent Consultant Network webinar for a full overview.

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  • Potential to provide your own apps & templates in the Praxie app marketplace
  • Access to private webinars, training, & support

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Praxie’s Consultant Network program includes consulting firms and agencies working with a variety of external client organizations. Schedule a demo to ask to join our network to elevate your engagements and become part of a community focused on creating the future of consulting.