Frequently Asked Questions about the Praxie Consultant Network

Can you help me turn my documents, tools and templates into digital apps and processes?

Yes. We can help you digitize your tools and templates for a nominal fee, or you can create your apps and processes yourself with our guidance.

Can I sell solutions directly to my clients and customers?

Yes. You can turn your existing tools and methodologies into digital online apps and processes that you can sell to your clients. You continue managing all aspects of your relationships and directly bill your clients for their use of your tools within Praxie. You create a private, secure space in your own account and simply pay Praxie’s standard pricing for any additional users beyond your free user license.

Can you help me sell custom solutions to my clients and customers?

For larger clients, we can work with you to build a prototype to help sell a custom solution as part of an existing project or potential future project. Our solutions can help differentiate your offerings and secure new business.

What resources do you provide to your partners?

We are building out our network now which includes monthly webinars to provide updates, training, early access to our latest apps and processes, configuration support, and networking with other experts.

How do I get started?

Complete the partner application below and we will contact to discuss the best options for moving forward.