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The Learning and Growth Perspective is a part of the balanced scorecard that refers to intangible assets (e.g., employee skills and abilities) that are required to maintain internal processes in the organization. More broadly, it consists of the companies’ jobs, systems and climate, all three of which are needed to maintain survival. Sometimes improvements made in the learning and growth domain hinder short-term results in service of facilitating long-term progress.

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Description of Learning and Growth Perspective

The main function of the Learning and Growth Perspective is to understand how intangible assets drive the major sources of value in the company, consisting of:

  • Human capital: The human knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics needed to carry out the business strategy. It is important that the best people are placed in positions that are critical for strategy execution. This means there should be no skills gap in these jobs. To accomplish this goal, training, valid selection procedures and effective succession planning might be necessary actions.
  • Information capital: This refers to the information systems, networks and infrastructure needed to carry out the strategy. It is important to have the proper alignment between IT and the technology needed for the strategy.
  • Organizational capital: An organization-wide ability to manage change to deliver the strategy effectively. Senior leaders should regularly examine company culture and climate to ensure it is aligned with what is needed for strategy execution. If not, it is important to ensure that employee actions become aligned with the mission, values, vision and strategy of the company, which might require a shift in what behaviors are rewarded and supported (i.e., climate). Additionally, it might be necessary to change the type of candidates who are recruited and selected and engage in company-wide training.

Tools & Templates

The tools managers can use to guide their employees through the steps for using a Learning and Growth Perspective are typically presentations, spreadsheets, and other strategic documents.

Praxie's Online Learning & Growth Perspective Tools & Templates

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