Strategy Development Process

The Strategy Development Process is a powerful step-by-step process focused on scanning the external environment, identifying customer priorities, analyzing competition, exploring internal capabilities, and developing business strategy. Walk through a clear step-by-step process by filling out best practice templates that produce a fully fleshed out business strategy and strategic plan.

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Strategy Development Process Overview

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Scan the External Environment

Scan External Environment Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Environmental Scanning Process

Track and manage the process of collecting and analyzing trends, customer needs, and the competitive to set context for your strategy
Trend Map Analysis Table

Identify and Score Key Trends

Align on the trends that will have the most impact
Trend Map Chart

Gain Insight from the Trend Map

View the trend map to identify the top trends that represent opportunities and threats
Customer Needs Map Table

Identify and Score Customer Needs

Align on the most important customer needs
Customer Needs Map Chart

Gain Insight from the Customer Need Map

View the customer need map to identify the top needs to address through products, services, customer experiences and business models
Competitive Landscape Analysis Table

Assess your Competition

Identify your top competitors and assess your competitive landscape
Competitive Landscape Analysis Charts

View Your Competitive Landscape

View the competitive landscape map and top competitive threats chart to assess your most strategic competitors

Assess Internal Capabilities

Assess Strategic Capabilities Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Capabilities Assessment Process

Track and manage the process of analyzing your core competencies, technology priorities, and critical success factors
Core Competencies Analysis

Identify and Prioritize Core Competencies

Align on the core competencies most important for your future
Technology Priorities Chart

Gain Insight from the Core Competencies Map & Priorities Chart

View the core competencies map & priorities chart to identify the top competencies for investment
Technology Priorities Analysis

Identify and Score Technology Priorities

Align on the most important technology priorities
Technology Priorities Chart

Gain Insight from the Technology Priorities Map

View the technology priorities map to identify the top technologies to leverage for internal processes and future development
Critical Success Factors CSF Analysis

Identify and Prioritize Your Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

Identify your top critical success factors and rank them by priority
Critical Success Factors Charts

View Your Critical Success Factor Map and Chart

View the Critical Success Factors map and chart to determine which strategic CSF’s will drive your strategy

Identify & Prioritize Opportunities

Identify Strategic Opportunities Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Strategic Opportunities Process

Track and manage the process of identifying your top opportunities, including conducting a SWOT Analysis, Gap Analysis, and generating and prioritizing your opportunity portfolio.
SWOT Analysis Chart

Create your SWOT Analysis

Create your SWOT Analysis to identify and align your team around your top Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
Gap Analysis Chart

Create your Gap Analysis

Create your Gap Analysis to identify and align your team around your current and desired future states, and the gaps that you must address
Opportunity Map Analysis

Identify and Score Your Top Opportunities

Align on the best opportunities including products, services, customer experiences, business models, and other types of opportunities
Opportunity Map Chart

Gain Insight from the Opportunity Map

View the Opportunity Map to identify the top opportunities that you will pursue and that will drive your strategy

Develop Your Strategy & Plan

Develop Strategy Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Strategy & Planning Process

Track and manage the process of building out your strategy and plan.
Vision Statement Worksheet

Create your Vision Statement

Create your Vision Statement using a worksheet that guides you through the steps of defining your future vision
Mission Statement Worksheet

Create your Mission Statement

Create your Mission Statement using a worksheet that guides you through the steps of defining your mission
Strategies and Tactics Template

Define Your Strategies & Tactics

Create your plan by defining the strategies, tactics for each strategy, and the key measures and owners of each tactic to ensure accountability and successful implementation
Strategic Plan Summary

View, Print or Export Your Strategic Plan Summary

View your summary, export to PDF, or export individual tool and template summaries to presentations

Use Expert Templates to Accelerate Success

Strategy Template Library

Instantly apply strategy best practices to your process

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