Kanban Board Team Collaboration

Use the Kanban Board to increase your team’s overall effectiveness and enhance collaboration. Keep track of activities and action plans for your team as a whole and for individual team members. Use a simple activity template to define specific actions, owners, status, priority, and more. Include documents and notes for ever activity and define tasks and assign owners to create role clarity, accountability, and focus for your team. Search across activities for specific action items, and export actions into spreadsheets. Save time while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your remote team.

Align Your Remote Team

Create team alignment & accountability to priority projects

Easily Track & Manage Projects

Track & manage projects across process steps

Use Dashboards to Ensure Success

View status, issues, and progress with simple dashboards

Kanban Board Team Collaboration Features

Kanban Track Tasks Across the Kanban Board

Track Team Activities & Actions

Kanban Use Templates to Instantly Create Agendas

Create Team Activities Using a Simple Template

Create an unlimited number of activities that include activity name, due date, priority level, progress level, status, tags, files, notes, and tasks
Kanban Track Tasks Across the Kanban Board

Track Tasks Across the Kanban Board

Customize Kanban column headings to create your own unique workflows, or use the standard headings of To-Do, In Progress, and Done.
Kanban View Master List of All Open Actions

View Kanban Activities as Simple Lists

View Kanban activities in List Views to quickly see, search, and sort activities.
Kanban Search & Find Specific Actions Across All Prior Meetings

Search & Sort Activities

View a master list of all activities or filter activities so view those assigned to yourself or other team members.

Use the Kanban Activity Template to Create Focus

Kanban Name Template

Define Activity Names

Create a name for each team activity
Kanban Status Progress Bar

Set Priorities, Progress, Due Dates & Status

Set and update activity priorities, progress level, due date, and overall status to ensure successful implementation
Kanban Include Documents for Every Meeting

Upload Files for Individual Activities

Upload and connect multiple files to specific activities

Collaborate with Your Team

Kanban Capture Action Items

Assign Owners to Activities & Tasks

Assign one or more owners to lead specific activities & tasks
Followers IM Chat Collaboration

Make & Track Comments on Any Activity

Make comments, get notified, and track the history of collaboration for any activity
Kanban board notifications

Get Notifications for Due Dates & Changes

Set notifications for task due dates and receive emails when activities are updated

View Team & Project Status Reports

Kanban DashboardMaster List of Tasks

View Master List of All Activities & Tasks

View master list of tasks for entire team or by individual team member
Kanban View Priorities Summary

View Priorities Summary

View summary of team and project priorities
Kanban View Progress Summary

View Progress Summary

View summary of team and project progress
Kanban View Status Summary

View Status Summary

View summary of team and project status

Archive & Export all Data

Kanban Export Action Lists

Export Data

Export data to spreadsheet files anytime

Use Expert Templates to Accelerate Success

Strategy Template Library

Instantly apply project management best practices to your process

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