Maintenance Manager Software App

Maintenance Manager provides a simple way to create and track maintenance tickets and projects for your manufacturing plant. Manage maintenance issues and requests in a single place. Gain visibility into all maintenance-related issues for specific types of requests and across equipment with a simple dashboard. Assign individuals to manage specific maintenance projects and track the status of each task related to the maintenance issue. Export data and dashboards anytime to presentation and spreadsheet files.

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Define and Manage Projects

Create team alignment & accountability to priority projects

Create Maintenance Plans

Ensure projects are completed on time

Use Dashboards to Ensure Success

View status, issues, and progress with simple dashboards

Maintenance Manager Features

Define and Manage Maintenance Projects

Create maintenance projects

Add details for each maintenance project.

Upload images of maintenance issues

Share images with maintenance issue detail.

List type of maintenance issue

Add details on exact issue location.

List equipment requiring maintenance

View a master list of all equipment in need of maintenance or repair.

Create Plans for Maintenance Projects

Set project priority

Prioritize projects as they arise.

Define current status

Set and update overall status to ensure successful completion.

Create Tasks

Add detail on tasks needed to complete maintenance.

Assign Task Owners

Assign responsibility for completion of tasks.

Track percent complete of tasks

Share level of completion for each task.

View Gantt charts

Create and view Gantt charts to ensure timely completion.

View Task lists

Task lists ensure nothing gets left off.

View Maintenance Project Dashboards

View project dashboard

Show complete picture in the dashboard.

View project task rollups

All tasks roll up to high level view.

Track projects and status

View status of all projects.

View dashboard by maintenance type

Maintenance issues roll up by type in the dashboard.

View dashboard by equipment

Maintenance issues roll up by equipment type in the dashboard.

Create Reports & Export Data

Export to presentations

Export all maintenance detail to a presentation.

Export to spreadsheet

Export all maintenance detail to a spreadsheet.

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