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Create custom apps for your team & organization. No Coding. No Kidding.

App Builder Features

Every account includes the No-Code App Builder

Design Beautiful Apps without any Coding

Create menus and drop downs to create custom navigation based on the content, process and user experience of your app. Simply drag and drop our pre-configured best practice widgets and templates, or design your own to create beautiful pages with interactive experiences, data, and dashboards. Edit and modify menus and pages any time.

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Kanban Board Cards

Use Hundreds of Best Practices for Unlimited Possibilities

The ability to instantly access hundreds of proven business best practice tools and templates unleashes the possibility of deploying, customizing and scaling business processes for just about any business function. Tap into our own subject matter experts who continually add to our growing library of best practices. If you’ve already got your process and intellectual capital, you can easily create, share, and deliver your know-how instantly at a global scale – not just as downloadable documents or presentations, but as completely interactive, dynamic, and collaborative apps, tools and processes.

Design Processes & Apps using Drag-and-Drop Widgets

To build robust business processes, apps and templates with compelling visuals, data, analytics, and various templates, it’s essential to have simple, user-friendly graphical-interface tools that anyone can use. Praxie’s extensive widget library includes pre-formatted text, image libraries, document management, tables and spreadsheet libraries, data linking, queries, workflows, media, and more.

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No-Code Software Online Template

Create Apps & Templates Just Like a Simple Document

Unlike other software platforms that have rigid formats that force everything to conform into formats that resemble spreadsheets or tables, Praxie is as easy and as flexible as designing a document or presentation. If you can create a “slide” in presentation software, you can design any template or app, with all data automatically indexed and available for building robust dashboards. Include text, graphics, tables, dropdown menus, embedded spreadsheets, charts, graphs, videos, file folders, buttons, data queries, workflows, and more. Design it to fit your process, not some predefined structure by coders who don’t understand your unique organization.

Use “Triggers and Actions” to Customize Business Processes

Praxie’s simple yet powerful process workflows use “triggers” like the click of an image or button to launch back-end scripts that lead to a defined “action” for the user, like moving a data record across a project stage gate or revealing a new best practice process template after a previous step is completed. Triggers and actions create powerful rules-based business processes.

Software Workflow Online Template
No-Code Software Workflow

Use the “Workflow Wizard” to Design Custom Workflows

Most teams piecemeal together static documents with collaboration tools in an attempt to simulate business processes. Praxie’s Workflow Wizard empowers anyone to design step-by-step business processes that integrate best practice templates, real-time data, analytics dashboards, and team collaboration.

Link Data to Support Cross-Team Collaboration

Just about every team has dependencies on other individuals and teams to do their work and achieve their goals. Praxie’s internal data linking features provide the option to share data across apps and processes to power tables, charts, graphs, and more. Based on administrator-defined security levels, teams can share data as inputs or output of a process, or to summarize progress through shared dashboards. Internal data linking ensures that boards and cards are always in synch so everyone is always on the same page with the latest information.

Kanban Data Linking
Kanban Card URL Link

Use Unique URLs to Create Simple, Engaging Experiences

Every page of any app can be designed as a standalone tool, template, or “mini application” that connects to other pages within the same process or dashboard. As such, it becomes extremely powerful to link to, access, or make pages available through unique URLs for your team. Pages can be accessed directly from a link, shared with individuals and teams as standalone tools, used as input forms or embedded into dashboards within and across cloud-based applications, business processes, and more.

Use APIs for Seamless Integration Across Applications

Most teams and organizations already use various tools to support their work. External data linking connects the world of cloud-based and SaaS applications to any Praxie card or board. Connecting external data sources, whether documents or raw data, allows teams to tap into what’s already being successfully used while allowing for the seamless transition to simpler ways to organize work. API integrations include applications like Google Analytics, Google Drive, One Drive, Jira, and more.

Data and Document Integration
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Integrate External Websites, Content and Video

Praxie’s apps and individual pages can include “Frames” that bring in external websites and other applications. Embed intranet pages, external websites, or videos to customize your team’s experience. Open a Google sheet or Microsoft Power BI dashboard, for example, to access existing data and tools already used by your organization. Or, embed a video tutorial on a best practice template to deliver real-time training on a business process.

Use Visual Dashboards to Focus on the Metrics that Matter

Most teams and organizations use spreadsheet and presentation software for manual reporting of “dashboards.” Praxie’s dashboards continually draw upon data from one or more templates or apps. These real-time dashboards are easily configured and customized, and can be accessed as direct web links.

Online Innovation Software Dashboard
No Code Software User Permissions

Define User Permissions to Promote Accountability & Action

Praxie’s advanced permissions model provides multiple options for app access, content management, and security. “Owners” can be assigned to individual pages and templates, for example, giving them accountability for managing the content of specific tasks, projects, or business processes.

Save Time & Engage Others with Full-Screen Presentation Mode

Many teams and their leaders spend countless hours building update presentations for their own managers and other teams. Praxie provides the ability to display individual cards in full screen mode, including the ability to scroll up, down, and across boards – essentially eliminating the need to build standalone presentations since all data and dashboards are always current and beautifully displayed.

No Code Software Presentation
Search Software Feature

Search Across Apps, Teams & Organizations

Few apps or enterprise software platforms provide the ability to search intelligently, let alone search across teams’ and organization’s business processes and best practices. Depending on the security and permissions structure, Praxie provides the ability to break down team and organizational silos and search both structured and unstructured data in truly meaningful ways.

Use Messaging & Notifications for Focused Team Collaboration

Praxie’s messaging and notification system allows users to be assigned or opt-into the role of “follower” on individual app pages and templates. When projects, stage gate processes, or other content is updated, followers can receive instant notifications within the system and by email. Team members can also post comments on any page of any app, allowing for focused discussion around specific data, templates, or issues, which ensures the most focused and productive discussion possible.

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Use Simple Widgets to Design Apps in Minutes

Categories Widgets

Categories Templates

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured categories templates.Details »
Charts Graphs Widgets

Charts & Graphs

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured chart and graph templates.Details »
Documents Files Links Widgets

Documents, Files & Links

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured file manager and embedded website templates.Details »

Images, Videos & Text Cards

Create and customize your own images, videos and text cards with pre-configured templates.Details »

KPI Templates

Create and customize your own KPI cards with pre-configured templates.Details »
Smart Art Widgets

Smart Art Graphics

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured Smart Art graphics templates.Details »
Tables Spreadsheet Widgets

Tables & Spreadsheets

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured table and spreadsheet templates.Details »
Timeline Widgets

Timeline Templates

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured timeline templates.Details »
World Map Widgets

World Map Templates

Create and customize your own cards and boards with pre-configured world, continent and country map templates.Details »