Change Management Process

The Change Management Process gives you change management best practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. Use proven tools and templates from the most widely used organizational change and transformation processes to define and run your change project. Walk through a clear step-by-step process by filling out best practice templates that allow you to define your project, align stakeholders, engage people in the change, and support the change over time.

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Change Management Process Features

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Change Adoption Curve Stages

Move Your Stakeholders through the Change Adoption Curve

Use tools & processes that move your stakeholders from awareness to full adoption of the change
Change Management Impact Analysis Chart

Define Your Impact Analysis Tracking Dashboard

Define your most “impacted” groups, departments, or stakeholders to track their impacts and adoption rates over time.

Design Your Change Project

Design Change Project Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Project Design Process

Move through the steps that will help you define your change, identify stakeholders, and determine the resources needed to implement the change
Change Charter & Milestones Project

Create Your Change Project Charter

Define your change charter including rationale for change, business case, sponsorship, project leaders,  and success measures.
Change Management Project Milestones

Define & Track Change Milestones

Define the specific milestones for your change including start date, end date, project leaders, percent complete, and status. View as a table or Gantt chart.
Stakeholder Analysis (Individual Level)

Identify and Assess Individual Stakeholders

Identify the key stakeholders for your change and prioritize them based on their level of influence, expected impact on them, and their anticipated resistance
Stakeholder Analysis (Group Level)

Identify and Assess Stakeholder Groups

Identify and assess the specific groups (enterprise, business units, divisions, & departments) that will be impacted by and influence the change
Stakeholder Analysis Map

Gain Insight from Stakeholder Maps

View Stakeholder Analysis maps to assess the top priority individual and group level stakeholders for your change
Change Team Staffing Requirements Breakdown

Define Project Resource Requirements

Based on your change charter, scope, and stakeholder analysis, define the specific change team resources needed to drive your change

Align Key Stakeholders

Align Stakeholders Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Stakeholder Alignment Process

Build a plan for aligning key stakeholders through managing interviews and focus groups, conducting a change impact analysis, creating a communications plan, and creating a training development plan
Stakeholder Interviews & Focus Groups

Manage the Stakeholder Assessment Process

Manage the process of conducting interviews, focus groups, surveys, and more to gather data from key stakeholders
Change Impact Analysis Template

Conduct a Change Impact Analysis

Analyze the level of impact of the change on key stakeholder groups, define the “As Is” current state and the “To Be” future state for each, including the key interventions needed by stakeholder group.
Communications Development Plan Template

Create Communications Development Plan

Build a communications development plan for your target audiences including the key messages, vehicles and channels of communication, project leads, due dates, and status
Training Development Plan Template

Create Training Development Plan

Build a training development plan for your target audiences including training objectives, focus areas, training modes, delivery dates, and delivery status

Engage the Organization

Engage Stakeholders Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Engagement Process

Deploy your change interventions and track and manage the overall change readiness and resistance of your key stakeholders
Change Deployment Actions Plan Template

Build your Deployment Action Plan

Create and track your action plan for all of your interventions using a simple action list format or an advanced Gantt chart. List actions, owners, priorities, due dates, percent complete, and notes for each project task.
Change Readiness Assessment

Track Change Readiness

Track the change readiness of key stakeholder groups with a direct line of sight to their “go live” readiness, overall engagement, communications, training, and where each stakeholder sits on the overall change adoption curve.
Change Readiness Chart

View Change Readiness Reports

Gain insight into change readiness across the organization
Change Resistance Management Plan Template

Track & Manage Change Resistance

Track and manage change resistance for key stakeholder groups and assess risk through scoring stakeholders on their level of influence versus resistance level. Define risk mitigation owners and strategies for each stakeholder.
Stakeholder Resistance Map

View Change Resistance Reports

Gain insight into stakeholder change resistance across the organization

Support Adoption & Success Measures

Support Change Adoption Overview

Use the Step-by-Step Change Adoption Tracker

Track and manage the process of stakeholder adoption for your change
Stakeholder Adoption

Use the Adoption Tracker to Assess Progress

For each stakeholder group, use the adoption tracker to assess overall progress and compare adoption rates across groups.
Change Issue Tracker Template

Track & Manage Key Issues

Track and manage critical issues to ensure successful adoption of the change
Change Management Success Metrics

Track Success Measures

Track Success Measures to ensure the business case for change and return on investment (ROI) is achieved and can be communicated to project sponsors and stakeholders

Get a Real-Time Progress Summary using the Change Roadmap

Change Roadmap Executive Summary Overview

View an Executive Summary of Progress Anytime

View an overall executive summary of all steps in your process in a single report. Print to PDF, export to a presentation, or simply view on the screen to communicate progress to key sponsors and stakeholders
Change Management Gantt Chart

View a Master Project Plan Rollup of All Key Actions

View a Master Rollup project plan that consolidates all key actions for all steps in your process in a single view.
Change Management Project Task List

Use the ``My Project Tasks`` to Easily Manage Your Own Action Items

Every change team member obtains a custom view of the specific tasks and actions assigned to them in the project to quickly and easily identify and manage actions to drive the change

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Strategy Template Library

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