upBOARD’s Software App for Online KPI Dashboards

Key Performance Indicators KPI Dashboard

upBOARD’s KPI Dashboard app helps you define, measure, and track the status of the most important Key Performance Indicators for your team, department, or organization. The KPI Dashboard delivers full visibility of the measurable success factors essential for the successful implementation of goals, strategies, and projects.

A best practice KPI template is the foundation of the app and includes fields for the KPI name, timeframe, type of data for the summary dashboard, and type of chart or graph to display.

Use the dashboard as a centralized repository to manage a top-down project, or provide team members with access so they can own and update their assigned KPIs. Follow KPIs to receive email notifications when data is modified or the status of a KPI changes. A Status Summary is always available that displays a real-time list of all KPIs, the progress made on them, and their current status (red, yellow or green). Export the KPI summary anytime to a common spreadsheet file.

App Features

Create Your Own KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard app is based on best practice processes in team collaboration and metrics for success. It allows you to create a KPI dashboard to easily and quickly create metrics and track the progress of your projects, strategies and overall team and organizational performance.

Customize Your KPI Cards

Tapping the Create New KPI button opens the KPI Wizard, located on the Get Started page and several other places in the app. Then select the options to design your custom KPI, such as Name, Timeframe, Summary Result, and Chart Type.

You Decide How Your KPIs are Viewed

The KPI Dashboard app lets you select the design for your metrics. Choose your Timeframe (monthly for a year, quarterly for a year, monthly for a quarter), Summary Result (percent achieved or latest result) and Chart Type (line graph or bar chart) to best represent your data.

Track Your Status Anytime

Use the Overall Status page to track progress and the status of all your KPIs, then export the status to a spreadsheet file. 

Get Expert Advice and Help

View videos narrated by leading experts to learn more about KPI Dashboard best practices. Get additional consulting and support anytime.