The Software Development Command Center – upBOARD’s SaaS Software Platform Delivers the Latest Software Development Best Practices, Processes & Dashboards from the Cloud.

Creating your development plan. Prioritizing tasks. Assigning resources. Tracking progress and success metrics. Engaging internal teams and external partners. Effective software development requires a structured yet agile approach.

upBOARD’s Software Development Command Center gives you a strategic, dashboard view of your software development process, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles and practices from the overall development process in a way that delivers end-to-end process insight. See the big picture to make strategic decisions or delve into the details by exploring more detailed data from task-oriented tools like Jira.


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Software Development Plans, Processes & Metrics Dashboards All in One Place – All Integrated with Jira and other Tools.

Most approaches to software development revolve around project tools with limited opportunity to engage executives, teams and partners in a truly collaborative model that maps to strategy and tracks real-time results across development efforts. Software development managers piecemeal together tools like Jira, Trello, SharePoint, and others to create the ideal “development environment.”

upBOARD provides a strategic view of your engineering goals, a line of sight to your software development strategy, and a “collaborative dashboard” to engage teams and track real-time results. Using upBOARD, your software development process becomes a living “board” that’s always on, always current, and always available for everyone to see. upBOARD allows you to assign and engage teams to specific projects, metrics, and process steps. Keep everyone aligned around your development pipeline to accelerate alignment, decision-making and business growth.

Never Start from Scratch Again. Get Going Immediately with Software Development Best Practices from Leading Experts.

Our resident experts in agile software development, along with our network of global thought leaders, have assembled a portfolio of digital online tools and templates for any software developer, software development manager, team or organization focused on the development process. Use these best practices as standalone processes or mix and match individual tools to create your own leading-edge collaborative environment, including linking data with JIRA and other tools. With upBOARD, you’re up and running in minutes.

  • Software Development Life Cycle Management

    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management is a process that aims to develop software with the lowest cost, highest quality, and in the shortest time.  It also includes detailed documenitation for how to develop, extend, and maintain the software system. A Software Development Life Cycle involves several different stages, ncluding requirements gathering, planning/designing, building, testing, and finally deployment.

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  • Software Development Planning

    Software Development Planning is a process that aims to improve software delivery predictability and includes requirements gathering, planning and designing the product, and often research and development into the areas that are unknowns or risks to the project.

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  • Software Technology Evaluation

    Software Technology Evaluation is a process used to determine the best internal or third party technology to use in a software development project. When conducting a Software Technology Evaluation to determine whether to build or buy technology for a software development project, a best practice is to conduct high level research to explore a wide variety of options, based upon criteria such as: Cost (to develop or purchase/license), Features, Maturity/Stability, and Support.

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  • Software Development Engineering Tools

    Software Engineering Tools are used to create disciplined software development and include software tools such as version control, coding standards, static code analysis, code reviews, bug tracking, continuous automated build processes, and automated testing.

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  • Jira Dashboarding

    JIRA Dashboarding provides insight into current development status with development dashboards configured to display many different types of information about a given software product.

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Communicate Up, Down and Across—Effortlessly.

Few companies (let alone software development teams) effectively engage executives, teams, employees and partners in a truly collaborative model. Software developers and engineers often piecemeal together various documents, communication, and collaboration tools that create complexity and actually hinder collaboration.

upBOARD’s flexible Software Development Command Center platform transforms your software development process into a living “board” that’s always on and available for everyone to use and see -and that pulls in key metrics from back logs, bug logs, and other data. With your plans, process, and progress metrics in a single place, upBOARD allows you to assign and engage individuals and teams as owners of specific opportunities, metrics, and process steps to ensure accountability. And with “executive dashboard’ views, business leaders can quickly understand implications on product strategies and schedules.

upBOARD helps you keep everyone up to speed and on board in ways that accelerate decision-making, action, and business results.

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