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Four Qs Framework Template

The 4Qs app is a decision-making framework which encourages users to ‘play’ or ‘fit’ one quadrant with another. Although all four quadrants are distinct, each quadrant is interdependent. A decision made in one quadrant will present decisions to be made in one or more other quadrants.

The 4Qs was written in 2018 by Australian entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris, who first outlined the framework in his book, run_frictionless.

The benefit of the 4Qs app rests in how it organizes processes and people into four quadrants, such that everyone in the business has a clear picture of how their role and decisions touch a customer. The 4Qs app empowers your team to make decisions together and predict if the decision is likely to make the next sale frictionless.

App Features

Use the 4Qs App as a Way to Analyze Your Organization

The 4Qs app provides four distinct quadrants, or windows, into an organization. It organizes staff and their processes into one or more Quadrants. By organizing people and processes into Quadrants, the 4Qs breaks-down departmental barriers and makes it easy for your team to anticipate how change can be made across the business.

Understand Who You Serve

The first quadrant is the cornerstone of the 4Qs. Until your team understands who you serve, none of the remaining quadrants will make sense. You are selling into a vacuum where no-one is paying attention to your brand, because you are not speaking to any one person specifically.

Understand Your Product

Do you know the exact functions and limits of the product? The Quadrant 2 template in the app will help your team understand your product, so that you can move on to outlining its benefits. Before drafting benefits, you’ll need a grasp of what the product can do and its limits.

Understand Your Company’s Shared Beliefs

The template for Quadrant 3 will help create your team’s shared beliefs, which will in turn shape your corporate identity.

Understand your Customer

Use the Quadrant 4 template to understand your customer, which means understanding the number of interactions it takes to create a customer as well as how it feels to become a customer.

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Anthony Coundouris
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run_frictionless help founders and sales teams overcome friction and reach predictable sales, using a decision-making framework called the 4Qs. Now the act of making a sale does not depend on one or two people but is a liberalized system supported by many employees.