HR Employee Manager

The HR Employee Manager provides a simple yet powerful way to track and manage your workforce. Use the employee profile template to track relevant employee data, manage onboarding, manage performance reviews, and manage offboarding plans when employees exit the company. View analytics by location, department, or employee role. Export data anytime. The HR Employee Manager powers small and medium sized businesses for a fraction of the cost of larger HRIS systems while being much easier to implement and use.

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HR Employee Management App Features

Create and Manage Employee Records

View, Search, Sort, and Manage Individual Employee Records.

Easily access and manage information for each individual employee.

Create Employee Records

Use the template to add information and create a record for each employee.

Track Employee Details

Track hire date, position start date, and years of service.

Track Work Details

Track location, department, and supervisor.

Track Compensation Details

Track compensation history.

Manage Onboarding Plans

Manage Onboarding Checklist for Each Employee

Personalize the onboarding experience by creating individual checklists.

Track and Manage Onboarding Documentation

Upload relevant documents related to onboarding.

Assign Support for the Onboarding Process

Assign “owners” to support onboarding for individual employees.

Manage Performance

List and Track Goals

List and track goals by employee.

List and Track Performance

List and track performance by employee.

List and Track Opportunities for Improvement

List and track opportunities for improvement by individual employee.

Assess and Manage Performance

Assess and manage performance ratings by employee.

Assess and Manage Employee Readiness to Progress

Assess your employee’s readiness to progress to the next level.

Assess and Manage Risk of Leaving

Assess your risk of the employee leaving their position.

Manage Offboarding (Exit) Plans

Manage Offboarding Checklist

Manage offboarding (exit) checklist for each employee.

Track and Manage Offboarding Documentation

Track and manage the documentation required for employee offboarding.

Assign ``Owners`` to Support Offboarding

Assign “Owners” to support the offboarding process for individual employees.

View Workforce Analytics Dashboards

View Employee Counts

View employee counts by location, department and role.

View Compensation

View compensation charts by location, department, and role.

View Retention

View retention charts by location, department, and role.

View Performance Ratings

View performance ratings by location, department, and role.

Identify High Performers

Identify high performers to drive loyalty and retention programs.

Identify Employees at Risk

Identify employees at greatest risk of leaving.

Search, Sort, & Export Talent Data

9 Box Employee Drill Down

Identify the Stars and other Employee Classifications

Performance and Potential ratings automatically classify employees to help identify Stars, Future Stars, and Potential Stars.
Search Employee Data on 9 Box

Search Employee Records

Search records for specific attributes, managers, and many other variables.
Employee Data Trends

Find Trends Across Employee Data

Sort data by Supervisor, Performance Level, Readiness to Progress, Risk of Leaving, Hire Date, Years in Service, Job Title and many other variables.
Years of Service and in Position

Gain Insight into Employee Years of Service and Years in Position

Based on hire and position start dates, view employees by years of service and years in current position to gain insight into overall workforce attributes.
Export Employee Data

Export Data Anytime

Export data into common spreadsheet formats.

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