RACI Manager Software App

Getting clear on roles and responsibilities is critical for any team and organization. The RACI Manager provides a simple, scalable way to create RACIs for teams and business functions that clarify who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for specific business processes and process steps. Customize the groups that will be part of the RACI. Define the processes you want to map and the steps within them for each RACI element. Run reports that dynamically create RACI charts and tables by process, COE, or function. Search and find processes and steps anytime and track status to ensure they are being implemented successfully using your defined RACIs.

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Clarify Roles & Responsibilities

Align your team & organization

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Streamline your processes

Ensure Success with Expert RACI Tools

Use best practices to guide your RACI process

RACI Manager App Features

Create, Track, & Manage Your RACIs

View and Manage Your RACIs by Team or Function

Manage all RACIs for your team and organization in a single place.

Create RACIs with a Simple RACI Template

Define the specific steps within your process.

Define RACI Charts for Each Process Step

Create descriptions and define those Responsible, Accountable, Informed, and Consultant for each process step.

Customize Your Process

Define Business Functions

Enter business functions for your RACI chart.

Define Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

Enter Centers of Excellence for your RACI chart.

Upload and Manage Documents for Each RACI Step

For each RACI step, include supporting files and documentation.

Assign Owners to Manage RACI Processes

Assign owners to define RACI steps and manage status reporting.

Track Actions, Status, and Dashboards to Ensure Success

Create Action Plans to Manage RACI Collaboration

Rollout and manage your RACI process using built-in templates for action planning.

Track RACI Status to Ensure Sustained Success

Track the status of each process step to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Use Expert Templates to Accelerate Success

Strategy Template Library

Instantly apply Human Resources best practices to your process

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  • Gain confidence you’re using proven tools & processes
  • Add, change, or customize your process to fit your exact needs

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