Coaching Management Process

The Coaching Management app delivers a simple yet powerful way to manage coaching clients, defining and organizing coaching objectives and goals for each client, and tracking overall progress of individual clients and the overall client base. Use the application for management development, leadership development, or personal development coaching.

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Define Objectives

Define and organize your coaching objectives and goals.

Track Progress

Track overall progress of individual clients and the overall client base.

Save Time & Optimize Resources

Get going instantly with an easy, scalable process

Coaching Management Process App Features

Create and Manage Coaching Clients

Create Client Contacts

Click the Add New Client button to create a new card and add client details to the template. Even upload a photo to display on the card thumbnail.

Define Development Goals

Use the template to define specific development goals for each client.

Upload and Manage Supporting Files

Store supporting files and documentation specific to each client.

Track Client Progress

Track Development Progress

Track each client’s development using the Progress Summary option.

Track Overall Status

Track progress of each client using information in the status table.

Define & Track Goals for Client Coaching Meetings

Create a clear picture of each client’s goals to use as progress indicators during coaching meetings.

View the Coaching Dashboard

View Total Current Clients and Status

The Active Clients list contains detailed information all clients. To view or edit a client record, simply click on its link.

Track Archived Clients

View a list of archived clients to review or edit status anytime.

Export Client Coaching Data

Export the data anytime with the Excel export tool.

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