The Marketing Management Command Center – upBOARD’s SaaS Software Platform Delivers Marketing Metrics, Dashboards & Processes.

Defining and aligning around marketing goals and objectives. Measuring and reporting on your marketing strategy and operations to drive effective implementation. Whether you’re running a marketing department, team, or consulting firm, upBOARD’s Marketing Management Command Center gives you a scalable solution for implementing and managing your marketing department’s metrics, dashboards and business processes.

upBOARD delivers best practice marketing management models, tools and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. We help you instantly connect the multiple data sources you rely on across your marketing department, sales function and organization to ensure your marketing metrics dashboard includes everything that’s most meaningful for your marketing strategies and business.

Marketing Department Metrics Dashboard

Marketing Strategy, Project Plans, Metrics Dashboards, Data Analytics and Collaboration All in One Place.

Most marketing organizations cobble together various data and documents like spreadsheets, presentations, software programs and communications tools to create home grown solutions to meet their department’s needs. It’s piecemeal, takes a significant time, and typically results in manual and clunky reporting that’s outdated the moment it’s presented.

upBOARD guides your marketing organization through the steps needed to create and execute your marketing operations dashboard. Using upBOARD’s Marketing Management Command Center, your marketing strategies are transformed into a visually compelling “board” that’s always on, always current, and always available for everyone to see. Our data-rich dashboards ensure your organization is always aligned around your most important marketing metrics, strategies and action plans.

Marketing Management Dashboards and Best Practices from Leading Marketing Experts.

We’ve included the best principles and practices from marketing strategy, operations and metrics to give your team, department or organization exactly what’s needed to measure, track, and manage your marketing efforts over time. Our frameworks, models, and tools have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and other leading media. Our company’s founders are marketing experts and executives that have run startups and led teams in Fortune 1000 companies. And our software platform reflects our expertise – by integrating leading edge marketing processes, data, templates, and metrics dashboards in ways that keep things both robust and simple.

Our software gives you everything you need to run marketing operations for your team and organization, all from the cloud. Our leading edge technology includes data-driven charts, graphs, portfolio maps, tables, and hundreds of configurable templates from one of the world’s largest online libraries of interactive online best practices. Some of our marketing management templates include:

Marketing Strategy Roadmap

Marketing Strategy

Create your marketing strategy using various templates that succinctly convey exactly what you will do, why, how and what metrics will measure success
Status & Actions Dashboard

Marketing Plans

Define marketing team actions, owners, and time frames including cascading tasks and sub-tasks for all aspects of your marketing department strategy
RACI Chart Dashboard

Roles & Responsibilities

Define clear roles and responsibilities for specific marketing teams, work processes or other areas
Tool - Critical Success Factors Template

Critical Success Factors

Define Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) that must be accomplished to achieve the operational strategy and goals
Web Traffic Metrics Dashboard

Web Traffic Dashboards

Web traffic and marketing data from Google Analytics and other sources
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Dashboard

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Trends

Track and visualize customer acquisition cost data and trends
Customer Testimonial & Quote Database

Customer Testimonial & Quotes

Collect, store and search customer quotes and testimonials

Social Media Followers & Fans

Track and visualize social media followers, fans and related trends
Data and Document Integration

3rd Party Data Integration

Integrate data from other third party applications like Office 365, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Supermetrics, JIRA and more
Kanban Data Linking

Data Linking & Analytics

Share data across teams, departments, and organizations while rolling-up dashboards and tapping into analytics that provide operational insight
Tool - Portfolio Management Template

Advanced Charts & Graphs

Connect data from multiple sources into advanced charts and graphs to see the “big picture” in real time
Followers IM Chat Collaboration

Advanced Roles, Updates & Collaboration

Roles and permissions promote team accountability supported by automated updates, communication & email forwarding
Meeting Room Operations Ops Dashboard Display

Real-Time Meeting Room Dashboards

Display your dashboard as a rotating slide show on a large screen with customized views for specific departments or teams

The Future of Marketing is about Marketing Metrics & Operations – In the Same Place at the Same Time.

When it comes to creating and implementing marketing dashboards, very few marketing organizations track meaningful metrics or involve the right people in creating and owning specific key performance indicators (KPIs). According to HBR, fewer than 70% of employees know the top three strategies of their organizations. Why? After strategy is developed, it’s “handed off” to those who execute and implement it, which leads to operations becoming disconnected from the goals of the organization.

upBOARD’s flexible Marketing Management Command Center software platform transforms your marketing management and KPIs into a living “board” that’s always on and available for everyone to use and see. With your marketing strategies, processes, and KPI metrics in a single place, upBOARD allows you to engage people and teams as owners of specific process steps and key metrics to ensure accountability. We help you keep everyone up to speed and on board in ways that accelerate decision-making, action, and business results.

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