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Portfolio Management is an essential approach for prioritizing and developing new business ideas, whether a new product, service, or project. Build a portfolio of business concepts that can be prioritized and then used to develop prototypes, proof of concepts, roadmaps, and business plans. Create as many concepts as you want using a proven template to define, prioritize, and develop opportunities over time. Place ideas and projects into categories by type, target market, launch timeframe, and more.

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Portfolio Management Process Features

Innovation Stages and Gates Dashboard

Define Products, Services and Projects

Create Product, Service, and Project Concepts

Add design ideas, prototype photo and details for each concept to your template cards.

Define Target Market, Customer, or Consumer

Insert details describing your target market.

Define Pain Point or Problem to be Solved

Describe how your concept will solve your customer’s pain point.

Create Description of Idea

Create a concise description of your idea with 1-2 sentences.

Create Value Proposition

Use the template to help create the value proposition for your concept.

Classify Opportunities

Define Opportunities by Type, Business Case, Market, and Technology

Use the drop downs to classify your concept opportunities.

Categorize Opportunities by Business Dimensions, Sponsors, and Priority

Use the classification criteria drop down menus to categorize your concepts.

Assess Opportunities

Score Opportunities by Impact, Implementation, and Size

Use the rating criteria to score each opportunity.

Assess and Categorize Opportunities by Feasibility

Use the feasibility criteria to assess and categorize each concept.

Use Dashboards to Track and Manage Progress

View the Full List of Opportunities

View the full portfolio list and drill down to specific information for each concept.

View the Portfolio Dashboard

Evaluate your opportunities at a high level by viewing the dashboard with prototype photo and projected timing.

View Assessment Reports

Use assessment reports to compare the feasibility and ease of implementation of your concepts.

View Category Reports

Compare all of your product concepts by category.

View Feasibility Reports

Compare the feasibility of each of your concepts to help you decide which of them to pursue.

Manage Actions

Define Actions for Specific Opportunities

Show actions needed for each concept, including status and timing.

View Action Rollups Across the Portfolio

Use the action rollups to show tasks required across product concepts.

Export Data

Export the Portfolio to a Spreadsheet File

Use the concept data in your portfolio by exporting to a spreadsheet.

Export Concepts to Presentations or PDFs

Use the concepts you’ve created in presentation materials by exporting to PPT or a PDF.

Use Expert Templates to Accelerate Success

Strategy Template Library

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