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Project Management Command Center Features

Unlike most software platforms, the Project Management Command Center is fully configurable and customizable. From the modules to the templates, to the process and dashboards, we ensure the best fit with what works for your teams and in your organization.


Define Your Unique Project Methods & Processes

  • Choose your configuration, from KanBans to program management
  • Use no-code tools yourself or work with our team of experts
  • Integrate your own data, documents & tools into your process
Strategy Template Library

Integrate 300+ best practices designed by project management experts

  • Instantly apply out-of-the-box best practice templates
  • Gain confidence you’re using proven tools & processes
  • Get templates for Six Sigma, Lean, Strategy, Innovation & more
Phases and Gates Innovation Portfolio Process

Define Your Project Phases

  • Create a standard process or customize for each project
  • Include files, documents & timelines within & across phases
  • Provide best practice tools to support each phase
Business Strategy Metrics

Assign Resources & Trigger Notifications

  • Create accountability with project owners and status reports
  • Trigger notifications to ensure projects stay on schedule
  • Track progress by project owner or other metrics
Strategic Projects Management Software

Connect Strategies to Projects for Full Visibility

  • Link strategies to your most strategic projects
  • Track status to identify risk areas
  • Use real-time reporting to ensure progress
Objectives Management Dashboard Software

Track Real-Time Project & Program Metrics

  • Create dashboards by project or overall program
  • View real-time summary reports
  • Gain insight into what’s working and risk areas

Create Project Rollups for Robust Project Management

  • Rollup multiple projects into simple dashboards
  • Setup a Project Management Office (PMO) configuration
  • Create visibility of status, gaps, and risks across the organization
Business Case Spreadsheet Data

Integrate Data & Documents using APIs

  • Link and integrate internal data from Google Docs, Office 365, JIRA, and more
  • Attached supporting files to specific strategies, objectives, dashboards
  • Export data to PDF, presentations and spreadsheets
Data and Document Integration

Connect Project Management Tools & Other Software

  • Use Praxie as your “platform of platforms” to simplify everything
  • Connect other tools and software into your Command Center dashboard
  • Link data and files from across applications

Our Customers Achieve Great Results

We’re much more than software. Get personalized consulting, guidance, and coaching from experts with decades of experience.

Some of our team includes:

Soren Kaplan

Soren Kaplan has been recognized by Business Insider and Thinkers50 as one of the world’s top thought leaders in business strategy, innovation and the consulting industry. Soren is also a Wall Street Journal bestselling and award winning author of two books, an Affiliate at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC’s Marshall School of Business, a columnist for Inc. Magazine, and a globally recognized keynote speaker. He has consulted to Disney, NBCUniversal, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey, Red Bull, 3M, Medtronic, Roche, Philips, Cisco, Visa, Ascension Health, Cigna, CSAA Insurance Group, the American Nurses Association, and numerous others.

Gabriel Mendoza

Gabriel Mendoza possesses extensive hands-on experience in defining and delivering business strategies, customer experiences, products, services, and business models. As former General Manager of eBay Marketplaces and Director of Product Innovation at Intuit, Gabriel leverages his deep expertise in design thinking, blueprinting, rapid prototyping, and agile iteration to help organizations transform their business processes and drive growth. He has successfully led cross-functional and cross-business unit teams across the globe including programs spanning the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Russia and India.

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch is a creative and successful executive with extensive leadership experience in delivering innovative collaboration products and building global businesses. Prior to founding Praxie, Michael led the Internet of Things business at SAP. He joined SAP as part of the acquisition of Right Hemisphere Inc., where he held the position of CEO. During his tenure, he transformed a small tools provider for graphics professionals to the global leader in Visualization software for Global 1,000 manufacturers and led the company to a successful acquisition by SAP.

Management Consulting Software

Our partnership with the Institute of Management Consultants brings an additional opportunity to get deep expertise that spans just about every industry.

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