upBOARD’s Software App for Online Brainstorming

Brainstorm Process

Use the Brainstorm app to run a complete team brainstorm process. Generate ideas on virtually any topic, from new products to marketing to process innovation. The Brainstorming app goes far beyond simply listing ideas. It Includes best practices for managing the brainstorm process with diverse teams, including tools and templates for:

  • Defining your problem or challenge statement
  • Setting team process norms
  • Categorizing ideas into themes
  • Creating and defining evaluation criteria
  • Scoring and prioritizing ideas

After your brainstorm, view priorities and export your ideas to a spreadsheet file anytime.

App Features

Set up your Brainstorm

The Brainstorm Setup template gives you everything you need to design a successful brainstorming process with your team, including defining a focus statement and prioritization criteria, the ability to create pre-defined categories to classify your ideas, and sharing ground rules for your process.

Use a Stimulus to Generate Better Ideas

Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. Consider the information, data or examples that can be shared to inspire new thinking and ideas and list them on the Stimulus template. Show stimulus topics with the “owners” who will be responsible for sharing each one.

The New Idea Wizard Helps to Keep the Ideas Flowing

Use the New Idea Wizard to create cards with details for each idea, including a description, category, feasibility and value ratings.

Build on any Idea 

After you’ve brainstormed ideas, it can be helpful to “build” upon certain ideas to make them better. Just open an idea and tap the comment button on the bottom right of the idea template, enter a comment and it will be automatically posted and emailed to anyone who has chosen to follow that specific idea.

Organize and Categorize Your Ideas

You can rename, move or delete columns and idea cards anytime as you create Groupings or Themes for your ideas.

Easily Create a Brainstorming Summary

Instantly create a summary and review your portfolio map based on the criteria used to score each idea. Scroll down to view and sort your complete master list of ideas. Identify your top ideas for further development and analysis, then keep or download your master list of ideas anytime.

Get Expert Advice and Help

View videos narrated by leading experts to learn more about Brainstorming and related innovation processes. Get additional consulting and support anytime.