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AIDA Marketing Model Best Practices

The AIDA Marketing Model is a widely used framework to explain the cognitive steps a customer takes when determining whether or not to purchase a product, and the steps an organization needs to take to navigate the customer towards purchasing the product or service being offered. More specifically, the AIDA Model provides guidance on the best places and the best medium to communicate the value of the product or service to potential customers. AIDA is an acronym whose letters stand for: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

More about AIDA Marketing Model

Description of the AIDA Marketing Model

Most marketers view the AIDA Marketing Model as beneficial because it maximizes the benefit and effectiveness of advertising. The four factors of the AIDA Marketing Model are Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These factors describe phases that occur in the following order:


Attention: The manner in which the organization creates awareness among the customers of their product or service. Some methods to command consumer attention are placing advertisements in non-traditional locations, using impactful imagery or slogans, and developing advertisements that are more personal to the customer such as advertisements that are directly mailed to their place of residence.


Interest: Strategies that are used to maintain consumer interest once it has been attained. While this is difficult to do, it is easier when the information is communicated in an amusing way. Notably, whatever method the marketing team chooses, the written material should be succinct, easy to read and broken up with images or graphics.


Desire: Once interest has been attained and kept, the organization is now tasked with making the product desirable to the customers. More specifically, the product or service being advertised should not only fulfill client needs, but should also offer features that are desirable to the customer. This can be done by highlighting the multiple facets of a product or service, unique features that it possesses or new technologies that it utilizes. The goal is to create a product that customers cannot imagine living their lives without.


Action: Action is where the customer actually purchases the product or service being offered or engages in the action that is desired by the organization. Broadly, the goal at this phase is to convince the customer to agree with the argument that the marketing team has laid out. Specifically, after detailing the reasons that the customer should purchase the product, it is most effectual to offer a reasonable or reduced cost for the product. However, this only applies to physical products or services that are for sale. Other actions include convincing a customer to visit a website, donate to a cause, or inquire about a service through a phone call. Simply put, persuade the customer to take action. This step is best accomplished when the preceding three steps are done well.

Tools & Templates

Keeping track of all the information that will be needed to attain and maintain customer interest in the product or service being offered requires the use of documents or spreadsheet software.

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