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Brand Pyramid Best Practices

A Brand Pyramid is a diagram that shows the five cumulative stages consumers go through with a brand, starting with presence, and then moving on to relevance, performance, advantage, and bonding. Shown as an inverted pyramid, the higher one goes, the greater brand loyalty he or she demonstrates, and the greater revenue potential there is for the company. As a fundamental tool of a broader marketing strategy, the goal is to move as many consumers to the top of the inverted brand pyramid as possible.

More about Brand Pyramid

Description of Brand Pyramid

The following is a general description of each level of the Brand Pyramid:

  1. Presence: The first level at the bottom of the Brand Pyramid, Presence, connotes minimal knowledge, awareness, or attachment on the part of the consumer to a brand’s identity, its products or services, and how they could fit their needs.
  2. Relevance: At the next level, Relevance, consumers begin to compare price points with different brands to determine the perceived value of the brand’s products or services and how well they fit their needs.
  3. Performance: At the third level, Performance, consumers are demonstrating greater recognition and connection with a brand and appreciation for its features and benefits.
  4. Advantage: Level four, Advantage, is characterized by consumers’ acknowledgement that a brand’s products, services and benefits are superior to other brands and they start to form an emotional attachment to the brand.
  5. Bonding: At level five, Bonding, consumers have developed a strong connection with the brand, they rely on it at the exclusion of other brands, having firmly concluded that its products and services outweigh all others, and even become promoters of the brand.

A marketing plan must clearly delineate an effective approach for taking all target consumer groups from the bottom to the top of the pyramid and customize initiatives to advance each one to the next appropriate stage.

Tools & Templates

Brand Pyramids are a marketing tool often communicated within presentations, reports, and other strategic documents.

Praxie's Online Brand Pyramid Tools & Templates

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